Sunday, November 30, 2008

How to Get a Game Testing Job

Game testing job is one of the most common keywords to search a job in the field of gaming. You might have flavor for games since your childhood and hence would have played all kind of jobs. However you should not be surprised to know that you can change your playing habit into a money earning job. Game testing does not require any degree or any certificate. You will just be required to play games and let the programmers that where they have gone wrong or what new things can make the game even more interesting and popular.

There are many ways by which you can get a job. Some are as follows:

There may be so many friends which you might have. Some friends might even be working in some video making company. He can always recommend your name in front of recruiters of the company so that they can hire you. As he must be familiar with what you should do to get a job in these companies, he can make your job much easier. Hence you can easily get a job by his recommendation and you should really enjoy the proceedings.

2.Classified sites, game related magazines and newspapers:
These are few mediums where different company might give ads. The video game company is not an exception. You will really find many ads related to game testing. You can really ring the mobile number of the company and get an interview fixed with them. You will really get a chance to work in these companies.

3.Video game website:
There are so many sites selling video games. These too have the links of the companies which has made video game. You can really search for the web site of these companies and go to the career section. You will really find many post related to video game testing. You can really select the best which you feel is good for you and get an interview fixed. Once you clear the interview you will get the chance to work in that company.

4.List the contacts which comes across your way:
You might not be in the bigger cities like New York or San Francisco but you should really not worry. You can list the contacts and make sure that you talk to the officials for one time. You should really not fear from the fact that you live in smaller city. You can also search for online video game testing jobs if you do not want to leave your city and really do not want to relocate.

There will be many opportunities which will come across your way and I must tell you that you should really choose the best video game testing job for yourself.

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