Friday, October 31, 2008

Career test for teens

Are you a teenager? Have you just completed your schooling? If yes do you know what is going to be your next step? I really feel that most of you are worried and confused. It's not your fault. Actually most of the teenagers are confused. It's a common feeling in all teenagers. However all of them want solutions too and so will you? Isn't it yes from your side? I hope so. Being an experienced candidate I can give you hundreds of solutions. But will that all work. I really question that they will not work. Hence I would like to give you another method and hope you will like it. You must have heard about career test. If not you can just surf the internet and I assure you that you will find hundreds of career test on internet.

You must now question whether which test will be best for you. My dear friend you should not ask like this. Actually you should ask which career will best suit you. I must tell you that all the career test try to answer to you this question only.

You need not prepare for the career test. You are simply asked a series of questions and you will have to answer them all. According to your answers you will be listed a list of careers and you can join any of them. Actually it is a type of formal interview. You must know about career counseling in which you are asked a series of question related to your skills. Anyways you will also agree that the best career for you will be that in which you can apply your skills. And this is what we by career test emphasize on.

You must have heard about aptitude test. I must tell you that the first test which you will have to give is an aptitude test. It contains a series of questions related to English language, general awareness, reasoning, quantitative and so on. The main reason behind the aptitude test is to find the level of sharpness of your mind. You must agree one can not insist you to join engineering if you lack sharpness. Believe me I am not discouraging you. Actually different peoples are meant for different things. A boy who had good control on hands is really suited for surgeries. A boy who has good hand eye coordination should play baseball. I really mean it. You should really understand this point and make sure that you are able to understand your plus points and not waste time on negative points. This is what career test is all about.

Have you heard the proverb that "jack of all trade and master of none"? You must know what it actually meant. And I would really want that you do not go in this direction. I would recommend that you should go for career test and realize what are you plus points and then accordingly make the future plans.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Chances in Oil and Gas Jobs Abroad

Oil and gas are two industries which are interlinked and their after effects are an important factor in today's economy. The market is experiencing a great slow down due to the rise in the prices of oil and gas. However these two industries are worldwide industries and there is a vide variety of job opportunity in this field. These resources are found in one country and sold in the other country. You should really hope for the best when you are talking about these industries.

Among the top countries as far as oil production is concerned, the topmost countries are Arabian countries. US, Russia, Uzbekistan, China and Canada are some of the other countries who have oil and gas in plenty.

There are two types of oil industries, "Downstream" and "Upstream" industries. Upstream is used to describe the processes involved. The upstream of the crude oil means how to extract the oil and gas from the wells. This is likely comprising of exploring sites where the oil can be found and to finally extract them from those regions.

As far as downstream category is concerned, it comprises of the extraction of marketable products from the crude oil. This will include transportation of crude oil and gas using pipelines and pumping systems. If any reserve is found then the upstream job also comprises of development of oil and gas field, for example development of wells.

As far as jobs are concerned this field is global and you can get the job in any part of the world. An oil refinery engineer from UK can get a job in Iran and a fire engineer from France can get a job in china. As you will go on seeing and admiring this field you will certainly realize that there is a hike in oil prices every next month.

The oil and gas industry is driven by the demand. The increase in demand of certain products can lead to an increase in the production of that material. There is a great concern for environment since the environment is badly effected by the oil and gas usage. There is always a demand for environment friendly products. And the engineers who are involved in this field are generally asked to produce them.

The oil and gas industry provides employment for many type of candidate. It is next to paradise for the chemical engineers and also not far behind for mechanical engineers. The diploma holders who are specialized in some field related to oil and gases have also great chance to get a job ion this field. The price range is very high and you can expect for best as far the oil and gas industry is concerned.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Careers in Complementary Medicine a concise Guidance

Do you know what complementary is really about. You must have heard about acupuncture and ayurveda, medicine. These are any healing practice which does not fall in conventional medicine. You cannot write these medicines under normal medicine technique. They are really different. However they are very effective and there are so many medicines which can be cured by the complementary medicines. It is believed that acupuncture which is an example of complementary medicine can cure cancer. Isn't it lovely to hear this? Unconventional medicines are as dissimilar in their establishment as in their method.

Definition of complementary medicine:
There is no exact definition of complementary medicine. However I would like to define it for you. "Complementary and alternative medicines is a broad domain of resources that encompasses health system, modalities and practices and their accompanying theories and belief."

I would also like to list some types of complementary medicines. I would like to write the NCCAN classification. We can classify under following heading according to NCCAM:

1.Whole medical systems
This cut across more than one of the other groups; example includes acupuncture which is a Chinese medicinal therapy and Ayurveda.

2.Mind body medicine
I would really love to give you details about this medicine. Actually it is meditation. The logic behind this medicine is that all the diseases are caused because your minds do not get appropriate rest. The meditate practitioner feels that if he can give rest to the mind then he will really be able to cure the disease. Now the question arises that how to give the mind rest. It is well known that our mind does not rest even when we are sleeping hence you need some other way. Meditation is the best way to give the mind rest.

3.Biological based practices
This uses substance found in nature for example herbs, foods, vitamin and other natural substance. I was watching discovery channel the other night. The serial was Man and Wild. Jack one of the scientists was caught in one of the forest and has to cope up with. He ate bananas in the forest. But I was quiet astonished when he just caught a caterpillars and ate it. He further told that he will get lot of vitamin from caterpillar. I am really astonished. Aren't you amazed? These scientists are really mad. But I really like what they come up with. I must tell you that jack was also found to be correct.

4.Manipulative and body based practices
Chiropractic and osteopathic are two examples of this type of medicine.

5.Energy medicine
This is a kind of therapy which deals with putative and verifiable energy fields. Two examples are bio-field and bio-electromagnetism.

I must tell you that these type of medicines work where the common medicines don't. Hence you should really know about these medicines.

Career in Photography

Photography is the art of recording images. The more natural it will look the better photographer you are. There are many types of career as far as photography is concerned. Scientist, research scholars, artists or family or various festive occasions, almost every one needs a photographer. In fact everyone has some photography skills. But to be a professional you are required to do a professional course. Photography can sometimes convey those feelings and situations which are out of reach of a common man. Their images have the power which is equivalent to words of a journalist.

There are many kinds of photography and some of them are as follows:

1.Fashion photography
Fashion photography deals with advertisement of clothes and accessories. Models are selected according to the situation. Photographers try to invent great set up either in natural environment or in studio. Almost every company, dealing in the clothing's, look for such photographers.

2.Advertising photography
Various products, which are ready for sale, do not reach the market directly. A proper advertisement is required. The images of the product should be of high quality and the product should look good. The photographers doing this job come under advertising photography.

3.Still life photography
Still life photography is capturing still images of the objects. Lots of skills related to photography as well as lighting is very important for this kind of photography.

4.Wedding photography
Wedding photography is also very common. You are required to do a photo suit of the whole ceremony. Requirement is set by the client and you will have to perform accordingly.

5.Nature photography
Nature photography is a very interesting job. You are required to take photographs of landscapes and wildlife. This is very challenging and only real professionals who have guts can do it. It really demanding and is very popular among the masses. If you choose this as your career then you might find yourself in the Amazon River, Brazil taking photographs of the anaconda. The job is really adventures. However there is no limit up to which you can earn. Its all depends upon the quality of your photographs. Just think you get a photo graph of dodo or any extinct animal from somewhere. You can fix money for that. They are priceless. Self employed natural photographers are very common. They can directly contact some magazines and newspaper where they can publish their photographs.

Some more examples of photography are: travel photography, underwater photography, cloud escape photography, scientific photography and so on.

The average salary of photographers is around $35000 at present. However there is a vast difference between highest and lowest. The more is the risk involved in the photography more will be your salary. You can really go for it.

Career in computer science

Computer science is a great career and you can expect for the best if you join it. Once you join it I assure you that you will have a great time ahead. You already must know the CS is at the top position as far as jobs are concerned. Information technology is also a part of it. Now the question arises how to make a career in computer science. I will list some steps:

Computer science is a subject included in all the engineering colleges. You can pass the combined entrance test for engineering and if you are selected then you can choose computer science as your subject. You will really enjoy the college life which is really great and after clearing the course you will be sure to get a good job.

2.Crash courses
You can also go for some crash courses and which are company specific. For example if you want to become a router expert you can do CCNA which is monitored by CISCO. There are number of courses which can be done to become a computer science specialist. There are various graduation courses which include computer science in their course material. You can do and take your one of the subject as computer science.

This was about the courses which you can do to become computer specialist. However I would also like to put forward some type of jobs which you will have to do:

1.Database administrator
As a database administrator you will have to manage the database of the company. It's very important post because database is the most important part of any company. All the software has some sort of database.

2.Website designer
As a website designer you will be required to design some templates which will be used in website creation. This job is basically done by those computer experts who have flair for designing.

3.Software programmer
As a software programmer you will be required to do some programming and the coding work. Coding is a very tedious and long job. You will be required to code whose output according to the client.

4.Software analyst
The job of software analyst is to analyze the software and prepare the SRS report. You will be taking part in some meeting with the client and explain to the coders that what the client really wants. The job is very tedious and requires lots of research.

5.Project manager
As a project manager you will be required to manage all the projects. You will have to prepare a list all the projects and then you will have to check whether it is going to complete in time or not.

I have listed some of the jobs which you can join. But I assure you that this is just a trailer. There are lot more type of jobs which are provided as a computer science.

Building Your Hobby into Your Freelance Career

Working as a contractor or as a freelancer means the same. You can go either way but you will end up with only one thing and that is self business. I the medieval period when knights roamed on land and the fighting was basically done on horseback with a long pole known as lance, the mercenaries of the time were called freelancer. Today by freelancing we really mean writer, designer and programmers. As far as freelancing is concerned, the freelancer presents his/her service without a long term commitment. They charge hourly, daily or they have a fixed price. However if you want to make your career in freelancing then you have to keep following things in mind:

You should decide your brand name:
It's really important that you should decide a brand name for you. Realize that you are now doing a business and you are a firm. You will also need a website. However as far as your website is concerned you should make sure that you never go personal avoid writing your hobbies and inserting your pictures on your website. You should also pay extra caution while selecting your domain name. Make sure that are easily spelt, easy to remember and easily pronounced.

Decide your charges:
This is a very important aspect as far as freelancing is concerned. You might assume that you can charge any amount of money. But you are really if you are thinking in such way. I really tell you that you will have to do a great research in deciding what you should charge. You should note that what the other are charging for the same job. You should also notice how experienced they are. Make sure that you should look for those who are similar to you and don't have working experience more than you. It's really necessary since you are there to bid. You will have to bid for the projects. And you should know that there will be hundreds of the freelancer who will also bid. The employer will only select you if you take the least and you are the best for the job. Hence you should really decide what should be your charges. For example you can ask for $12 per hour. However, you should not feel frustrated. Your hourly rate will go on increasing according to your experience and your performance.

Add your previous performances in your portfolio:
You should really add in you portfolio whatever you have done in the past. This will help you in getting better reply. Your bid will also show strong presence if you do so.

Give test regularly:
Most of the freelancing site asks you to pass test and you should really go for it. Your portfolio will improve if you pass number of test and make them public.