Friday, October 31, 2008

Career test for teens

Are you a teenager? Have you just completed your schooling? If yes do you know what is going to be your next step? I really feel that most of you are worried and confused. It's not your fault. Actually most of the teenagers are confused. It's a common feeling in all teenagers. However all of them want solutions too and so will you? Isn't it yes from your side? I hope so. Being an experienced candidate I can give you hundreds of solutions. But will that all work. I really question that they will not work. Hence I would like to give you another method and hope you will like it. You must have heard about career test. If not you can just surf the internet and I assure you that you will find hundreds of career test on internet.

You must now question whether which test will be best for you. My dear friend you should not ask like this. Actually you should ask which career will best suit you. I must tell you that all the career test try to answer to you this question only.

You need not prepare for the career test. You are simply asked a series of questions and you will have to answer them all. According to your answers you will be listed a list of careers and you can join any of them. Actually it is a type of formal interview. You must know about career counseling in which you are asked a series of question related to your skills. Anyways you will also agree that the best career for you will be that in which you can apply your skills. And this is what we by career test emphasize on.

You must have heard about aptitude test. I must tell you that the first test which you will have to give is an aptitude test. It contains a series of questions related to English language, general awareness, reasoning, quantitative and so on. The main reason behind the aptitude test is to find the level of sharpness of your mind. You must agree one can not insist you to join engineering if you lack sharpness. Believe me I am not discouraging you. Actually different peoples are meant for different things. A boy who had good control on hands is really suited for surgeries. A boy who has good hand eye coordination should play baseball. I really mean it. You should really understand this point and make sure that you are able to understand your plus points and not waste time on negative points. This is what career test is all about.

Have you heard the proverb that "jack of all trade and master of none"? You must know what it actually meant. And I would really want that you do not go in this direction. I would recommend that you should go for career test and realize what are you plus points and then accordingly make the future plans.

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