Saturday, October 25, 2008

Building Your Hobby into Your Freelance Career

Working as a contractor or as a freelancer means the same. You can go either way but you will end up with only one thing and that is self business. I the medieval period when knights roamed on land and the fighting was basically done on horseback with a long pole known as lance, the mercenaries of the time were called freelancer. Today by freelancing we really mean writer, designer and programmers. As far as freelancing is concerned, the freelancer presents his/her service without a long term commitment. They charge hourly, daily or they have a fixed price. However if you want to make your career in freelancing then you have to keep following things in mind:

You should decide your brand name:
It's really important that you should decide a brand name for you. Realize that you are now doing a business and you are a firm. You will also need a website. However as far as your website is concerned you should make sure that you never go personal avoid writing your hobbies and inserting your pictures on your website. You should also pay extra caution while selecting your domain name. Make sure that are easily spelt, easy to remember and easily pronounced.

Decide your charges:
This is a very important aspect as far as freelancing is concerned. You might assume that you can charge any amount of money. But you are really if you are thinking in such way. I really tell you that you will have to do a great research in deciding what you should charge. You should note that what the other are charging for the same job. You should also notice how experienced they are. Make sure that you should look for those who are similar to you and don't have working experience more than you. It's really necessary since you are there to bid. You will have to bid for the projects. And you should know that there will be hundreds of the freelancer who will also bid. The employer will only select you if you take the least and you are the best for the job. Hence you should really decide what should be your charges. For example you can ask for $12 per hour. However, you should not feel frustrated. Your hourly rate will go on increasing according to your experience and your performance.

Add your previous performances in your portfolio:
You should really add in you portfolio whatever you have done in the past. This will help you in getting better reply. Your bid will also show strong presence if you do so.

Give test regularly:
Most of the freelancing site asks you to pass test and you should really go for it. Your portfolio will improve if you pass number of test and make them public.

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