Saturday, July 11, 2009

I am looking for a job

A job is the principal activity of your life that you do to earn money. It is a specific piece of work that is required to be done as a duty for a specific fee. If you are looking for a job you have to keep in mind following things.
1. Your resume should be a work of art and aligned with the job. You have to pay attention on writing a good resume where in you should mention your name, your goal, work experience, education, achievements, references etc.
2. People basically find trouble in searching prospective job. One can find jobs on internet, through consultancies, networking with friends, newspaper etc.
3. One should also decide whether he wish to do a part time of full time job. And the best time to start a job is when the company in which you want to work has vacancies.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Benefits of a Retraining Course

The retraining courses are really very important for all the employees who are working in the company. I really feel that the retraining courses are really quiet important. The companies often ask their employees to go through various courses which according to them are required for various reasons. For example if the employee wants the promotion or a salary hike then he has to go through some sort of retraining courses.

The question really arises that what really are the advantages of the retraining courses. In fact there are many advantages of the retraining courses.

Some of the advantages of the retraining courses are as follows:

1.The first advantage which I really feel is a must is that you will be able to learn the things quickly. I really feel that the training really proves to be a short cut. There are so many training programs available in each field and I must tell you that each of them is quiet good and you will definitely find them useful. It has been rightly said that the training programs let you learn quickly and also allows you to gain the right knowledge.

2.The second point which really comes in my mind is that you do not have to waste your energy in learning new things and also not waste your energy in collecting the right books.

3.The third advantage which I really feel that you will have is that you will be getting the practical knowledge as well. I must say that in most of the academic studies the children fail to gain the practical knowledge. If this is the case with you then I must say that you will definitely find these trainings quiet useful for you.

4.The next advantage which I see is the promotion which you get after the completion of the training. I really feel that you are able to learn so much that you are quiet sure to get the promotion now or sometimes after. In reality the most of the training processes ends up in either the promotion of the employee or the salary hike.

5.The next thing which is really the biggest example of the training is that you will find it much easier in learning different things. And this will help you when you will be doing the jobs in the coming future. I must say that the best thing which comes out of this is that you will find it much easier to do your job. In fact in order to do your job it is quiet necessary that you will have to do these courses.

After seeing so many advantages I really feel that you will definitely be willing to go through some sort of training.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Benefits of Solar Training Course

The solar energy has really now become one of the most widely used energy sources in the world. With the scarcity of the petrol and other non renewable resources it has now become the need of the hour. I do feel that the solar training courses due to the above fact have really become more common than previous occasions. The only thing I can say as an introduction is that the solar training course might turn out to be a revolution in the coming years.

With the scarcity of the petrol as well as coal the use of the solar as well as the wind energy has increased fore fold during the previous years. However the wind energy is a subsidiary if it is compared to the solar energy. This is because the wind is not available in plenty in most part of the world as compared to the solar energy. Hence the solar training courses have really become quiet popular among the young generation and they are quiet eager to undergo the solar courses.

I am listing some of the benefits of the solar training courses. They are as follows:

1.The first benefit which I see is the demand. The demand of the solar training courses is so high that you will never find any problem in getting the job after completing this course. Hence the employment facilities for this course are really quiet high. And you will easily be able to get one job.

2.The second benefit which I see is that you can also think of being self employed. Isn't it great to be self employed? Indeed, during the period of the recession it is really nice to look for the self employment. Whatever might be the position of the market I do feel that technical support engineers are the best in demand. So are the persons who have done the solar courses. One can only say that the solar engineers are too one of the hot favorite for getting the job. They are as safer as the technical support engineers and this is a very strong point.

3.The next thing which comes to my point is the future. It is well know to every body that the future is bright for the solar energy usage. Hence all the persons who are connected or going to be connected to the solar energy are quiet secured about their bright future.

4.One more point which is a benefit is that all the countries are supporting the use of solar energy, hence it is quiet easier to get enrolled in the solar training courses.

These are some of the examples related to the solar energy and I do feel that all of them have bright future ahead of them.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Late career Change in Life

I just met one of a senior citizen. He was around 48 years old. I knew that he had done his graduation in life Sciences and hence I was quiet surprised to see him at the office of Oracle in San Francisco. I asked him what he was doing there. He said that he is pursuing six month training as he has decided to change his career and shifted in technology. This was a surprise for me. However for many it was an inspiration as he gave a perfect example as well as proof that one can change his career at any age.

However you will have to keep in mind some points if you want to change your career at such an age.

They are as follows:

1.Make sure that you do not find any difficulty during training. In fact you will have to start from the zero as far as your new career is concerned. Hence you will have to participate whole heartedly in the training program. You might be suffering from low or high blood pressure. In this case I would never insist you to change your career. Do change your career but only when you are physically fit.

2.Actually when you learn new things then you are bound to loose a lot of energy. Not all people can do this. Hence you should make sure that you have an idea about the new career to some extent because this will save you from health problems. In fact you will find much easier to learn them. My point is that you cannot say a 50 year old personality to play baseball.

3.The third thing which you will have to make sure is that do the training whole heartedly. As a senior you must have lots of knowledge and you should make sure that how can you apply those knowledge in this new field.

4.There is one more reason to do the training whole heartedly. Actually you will find out soon in some cases that you cannot continue in some new field. It would be very embarrassing if you leave the field after training. However if you will do the training whole heartedly then you will definitely find out soon that you are comfortable or not, if you feel uncomfortable then you can immediately leave that field and look out for some other field.

I have never seen these kinds of problems with the people involved in minor career change. But this does happen when you are overage and looking for a major career change. This can be good as well as bad in some cases, especially, when you are suffering from diseases like diabetes or heart diseases.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Internships & Their Benefits

You must know that the internship is really quiet important as far as your career is concerned. The internship makes the people feel better while doing their work. This is really a truth and I must tell you that the internship helps in growing all those characteristics which I really feel are important for the job which you will be going to do in the future.

However you must know that what the internship really is. In fact the internship is the period during which you have to work in some company as a trainee. I feel that this is really very important because this makes you know about the market and how to settle in it. It is rightly said that if you will do the internship with seriousness then you will hardly find any difficulty in finding the job afterwards.
I would like to list some of the points which you will definitely make you feel that the internship is really a must.

The points are as follows:

1.The first point which is quiet important is that you need to know that if you get into the wrong career then you will definitely feel the pinch. You will definitely feel that while you are working, you are wasting your time. I must say that it is really a very bad situation if you are doing a job in the field which is definitely not for you. This can really be avoided if you know about the internship. It is really advisable that you should do the internship because it lets you know that what the market is really made of. It is really better to know about the market before you start doing work in it.

2.The second advantage is that the companies really give preference to the fresher who have done the internship. Hence you not only gain the good marks in your college but you also gain the market value. If you will do the internship with care then I must tell you that you will definitely become the favorite of all the companies.

3.The next point which I do feel is quiet important is that you will have to do the internship which I really feel is important on behalf of your college studies. Some marks in almost all the colleges have been allotted to the internship. And I do feel that it is quiet easy to grab full marks as far as the internship is concerned.

Hence I really feel that the internship is one of the things which can really change your faith. For me it is a chance which ever fresher gets to make his career.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

What is Precarious Work?

A precarious work is a kind of work which is not properly paid, insecure, unprotected and cannot support the house hold. There has really been a sudden increase in the number of precarious work with the growth of information technology. I really feel that there have been so many jobs which are now floating in the market and cannot be termed as a good work and hence come under the precarious work. You will definitely not be able to earn enough to take the complete burden of your family.

You should note that there are four dimensions which will help you in finding whether the job which you are doing is precarious or not. They are as follows:

1.the first thing which is really important to note is that you will have to make sure that how secure is your employment and what are the chances for it to run for a long period of time. Many of the projects are found to get finished in four or five months and you will then be left in the no mans land.

2.the second thing which I really feel is very important to note is that you will have to check the control over the labor process, and this is linked with the presence or absence of the trade union and professional associations and relates to control over working conditions, wages, and the pace of work.

3.The degree of regulatory protection is also quiet important and you should really check for all this.

4.And last but not the least you will also have to check for the income level.

If you are engaged in some sort of freelancing job then I must tell you that you too are doing a precarious job. However you may skip the income level since some people do earn a lot of money from the freelancing. You can also argue that you can earn more than the simple job through freelancing. But you will have to agree that you are not quiet certain of having the job throughout the year. I really feel that you will be in dilemma all the time as far as the security of your earning is concerned. That is why I have said that the freelancing is too a precarious job.

However you cannot really blame the Information technology for this. I really feel that information technology has done a lot well as far as the job availability is concerned. Even in the recession the most number of jobs are available in the field of information technology.
I do feel that you should not really blame anybody for the precarious jobs. In fact it is really better to have the precarious job rather tan remaining jobless.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Myths about Job-Hunting in a Recession

Just when you started looking for the job, the recession hit the market. I must tell you that this is really one of the toughest situations which you will ever meet. But they did happen. And if you will talk about the today market then I must tell you that it is really suffering from recession. There are many myths which you will come across if you will compare the job vacancy available and the recession. I really feel that it is really wrong to say that in recession period the company do not hire. I have many reasons which will prove this wrong.

I would like to present the following points in front of you which reveal that job hunting is still possible during the time of recession.

The points are as follows:

1.No one is hiring

This is really not correct to say. Yes, it is true that the layoffs are coming from all the direction but some of the employees are still hiring even those layoff workers. This really dismisses all the feelings that you will not be hired during the time of recession. Some of the green jobs and especially the health care jobs still are quiet available in bulk and the pay scale is also quiet good. It is as high as $60000 on an average.

2.The internet: best place to find the jobs

I really feel that if you think in such a manner then I really feel that you are right but the search also need some more work as far as the job hunting is concerned. It is not just enough to find the job. I really feel that you will have to do some more research. The reason is obvious that the employees are bombarded with so many resumes that they find it quiet tough to find yours out of so many. Hence it is really advised that you should really figure out the number of the manager or the HR who is the in charge of that job and then meet him/her and present your application. I really feel that this is required on all the cases.

3.How to search when hiring freezes

I really feel that all the HRs are really advised to look out for some of the spectacular candidates who can show money even when every dollars count. Hence the HRs really is in regular search of the spectacular candidates.

4.Expect a salary cut

I really feel that you can expect the salary cut during the recession but on this account to should not really protest as the companies are really bound to do so.
Any way it is really wrong to say that the companies do not hires during the time of recession.