Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Myths about Job-Hunting in a Recession

Just when you started looking for the job, the recession hit the market. I must tell you that this is really one of the toughest situations which you will ever meet. But they did happen. And if you will talk about the today market then I must tell you that it is really suffering from recession. There are many myths which you will come across if you will compare the job vacancy available and the recession. I really feel that it is really wrong to say that in recession period the company do not hire. I have many reasons which will prove this wrong.

I would like to present the following points in front of you which reveal that job hunting is still possible during the time of recession.

The points are as follows:

1.No one is hiring

This is really not correct to say. Yes, it is true that the layoffs are coming from all the direction but some of the employees are still hiring even those layoff workers. This really dismisses all the feelings that you will not be hired during the time of recession. Some of the green jobs and especially the health care jobs still are quiet available in bulk and the pay scale is also quiet good. It is as high as $60000 on an average.

2.The internet: best place to find the jobs

I really feel that if you think in such a manner then I really feel that you are right but the search also need some more work as far as the job hunting is concerned. It is not just enough to find the job. I really feel that you will have to do some more research. The reason is obvious that the employees are bombarded with so many resumes that they find it quiet tough to find yours out of so many. Hence it is really advised that you should really figure out the number of the manager or the HR who is the in charge of that job and then meet him/her and present your application. I really feel that this is required on all the cases.

3.How to search when hiring freezes

I really feel that all the HRs are really advised to look out for some of the spectacular candidates who can show money even when every dollars count. Hence the HRs really is in regular search of the spectacular candidates.

4.Expect a salary cut

I really feel that you can expect the salary cut during the recession but on this account to should not really protest as the companies are really bound to do so.
Any way it is really wrong to say that the companies do not hires during the time of recession.

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