Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Occupational Safety and Health

Occupational safety is one thing which I really feel is very important for any company. They are the employees who run the company and if they are not safe then how will the company feel safe. You must have heard many CEO of different company saying that their first preference is the health of their employees. They really want to make sure that their employees are in good shape all the times. Because they know that they will be in profit only if their employees are fit. If they will not be fit then they will not be able to give their 100 percent.

I must say that the occupational safety and health is really one of the most important things for any company. What will the CEO do if some employ fell down of the staircase of the office and suppose he dies. This is really a serious matter and the company will have to give the heavy compensation to the family of the employee. Hence all the company really makes sure that the office is in good condition.
There is no mosquito around. The water which is available for drinking is also quiet cool and free from germs. The cafeteria is in good condition and all the food materials which are available there are good for health.

The company administration department really makes sure that the employee gets the good number of holidays every month so that they feel fresh enough to work. The concept of five days work per week has really turned out to be really great for various companies. This concept has really triggered the concept of rest and profit. What this really means is quiet simple and straight forward.
I will explain the meaning to you.

It was found by the most management staff that the employee tend to do bad work I weekends. This usually happened because the employee felt a lot more tired in weekends. Hence they decided to give then holidays in week ends. In fact the number of holidays per week was increased by one day. Hence now you will only be required to work five days per week.

This has really made all the employees really happy and they now feel a lot better since they can visit their home during the weekends and easily come back and start doing their work.

The concept of five days a week job has really triggered the health of the employee as well. The number of employee felling ill now has really gone down and now no body ever try to get the holidays due to illness. You can however neglect some exceptional cases. However one can say only one thing and that is the life of the employee of various companies has really improved a lot.

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