Tuesday, December 30, 2008

How to Partner for Mutual Career Success

You must know that what the importance of the word "mutual is" if you have been a science student. I would really like to start with the phenomenon mutual induction. You will definitely find yourself to be attached to this phenomenon even in your life. If you are confused then I would like to ask you one question and that is are you not affected by your friends as far as your behavior is concerned?

I must say that you would have been always feeling that your friend is doing this and that and hence why should you not do that. These are the things which we did in our childhood. However when we are big then also these things do happen. In college as well you will find that you have a list of much closed friends and you all really follow each other. However after college as well the partnership is very important. You will really find that you can get a lot of help from your friends.

Your partners will definitely help you out if you will take their ideas into consideration. There are many career networking sites available on the net. You will definitely find them a great tool to be in touch with your friends. It might be that your friend is placed in some very good company. You will definitely find them to be very helpful because they can always recommend your resume for some post in their company. This is what mutual career success is all about.

Once a person from any friend circle gets a job, you will definitely find that the others follow the path and also get the job. Partners are made in schools, colleges and also in companies. You can now also argue that partners are also made on internet. Yes it is quiet true and you will definitely find lot of friends which are formed on the internet.

You will definitely find that he friends are really helpful to you. However you can also add your brothers and sisters to this list. They all really together form a great friend circle. You will definitely enjoy being a part of such friend circle. Otherwise you would not have ever heard that career networking websites have become very popular. It is really experienced now that you really need to be ready to form a network of friends in which each friend can provide some information related to various jobs in their company. You will really find yourself a real fellow with all advantages if you try to build your own network. There are many reasons which will let you know a friend can be a great help for you.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Importance of First Impression

Have you ever heard some body telling that the first impression is the last impression? You must really have heard this somewhere or the other. In fact this is a very popular proverb. You must have been taught about this by your parents as well as teachers. They all would have suggested you to make sure that your first impression is good. If it will not be a good one then it is quiet sure that it will take a long time before you will be able to get your impression feel goo. You can just remember your first day in college or in any office. You should also remember what happened on that day and how it affected your future prospects. I must say that it will sound better in future if you have good first day impression. You are studying in some colleges or you are doing any job in any company, you will have to agree that your first impression come out to be the last impression.

I would like to list some of the reasons why the first impression is very important. They are as follows:

1.Most of the elders feel that the first time when they meet a new face is the best time to judge how good they are because everybody seems to be most careful the first time. Hence one can hope for the best performance the first time you meet them. You should keep this in mind. If you will not keep this in mind then you will definitely find yourself in a dilemma.

2.The elders do believe that it is the best time to decide that how much love we really love them because the first time we do not know that to whom we are going to meet. You must have watched in movies that how the elders decide who among the first time visitors are good and who are bad.

3.You must have participated in some reality shows. You must know that you can win these shows only if you earn lots of SMS. And the number of SMS which you will get depends upon your first impression in public. If you fail to impress them the first time. Then you will really suffer throughout the show. Some other reality shows like big brother of London allows you to make impression every next moment. But they are really a rare sight.

I must at last say that you will definitely find the first impression to be very important. If you are able to provide a good impression then its all for you but if you fail then you are really going to suffer.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Benefit Strategies for a Rewarding Career

As far as career is concerned you will definitely find many reasons to select one and reject the other. However you will do find that if you are younger then you are not bound for earning larger families. But the condition does start changing when you have your family. You will then not only need large money but also you will need some other things like insurance for your family members and so on. You will too require lots of reasons then to reject what seems to be a good job opportunity for the younger persons.

There are many reasons why you will neglect some of the jobs since you will have a list of benefits and salary range in your mind. I must say that if you have your family then there is a dual bond on you. You will definitely need to work out that what salary will be the best for you and the family. You will definitely find yourself in much better position if you would have thought about it in your younger days.

After completing the graduation only you should start looking for some jobs. At that time even low salary will not be any drawback. You will definitely find yourself free at this time. I must tell that if you are serious enough then you should not relax at this time. You should take all the experience required during this period which will help you to become the real high salary employee when you will have your own family.

You should note that you take all the precaution in advance because you will definitely need to behave in a matured manner very soon. You should keep in mind that if you want to start your own business in the future then you will definitely have to arrange some money. And the best way of earning the money is by doing some job for at least for few years.

You must have heard about intrapreneur and entrepreneur. You should definitely know that both of them are equally important for the company. The entrepreneur owns the company whereas the intrapreneur helps in managing the work being carried out in any company. You will definitely find yourself in any of the above category and you will have to work hard. However the thing is simple that you should plan your present to have a great future.

You will definitely have a great future if you plan your present. And your present depends upon what you are doing. Even when you are reading this article, you should have ample reasons to read it. The reason is quiet simple and that is you will have to plan each and every second to have great future.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Difference between a Web Designer and a SEO

Most of the people think that website designing and search engine optimization is the same thing. But you must know that these two are completely different things. As far as website designer is concerned it basically deals with designing a beautiful website. However as far as SEO is concerned it basically means online marketing. The SEO is the technique of improving the volume and quality of traffic so that more searcher visit the site and also the website should come at the top of the search engine list.

This is really something which requires some kind of optimization. SEO requires optimization in content and also optimization in HTML code so that the website comes first in the search engine search list. As far as web designing is concerned, if you are one of them then you will be just required to design the templates for the web page and also finally design the whole website so that it looks great. However at this level there is no provision that you have to take some step for optimization. This is really not the work of web designer. If you ask the same company to optimize your website then they will ask their SEO whom they hire to do the job. The web designers will have nothing to do with it.

The SEO take into consideration, that how search engine works and what the people are looking for. You will have some keywords which will related to the most common type of searches and also according to the type, your website is. You can use those keywords repeatedly in your contents and you will definitely soon find out that your website comes in the top of the search list.

You will have to keep in mind that what the people are really looking for. Accordingly you will have to change your content. You will see that more traffic will come to your website and you will definitely find yourself to be very popular within few days. But you really require a person who will do the optimization for you. He is called search engine optimization. You will definitely find it much better if you will go for the search engine optimization.

You should keep in mind that there are millions of websites and you will find that most of the people see only the first or second page of the search list. Hence if you will not o for search engine optimization then your website will never be visited by anybody. Yes advertisement will work but they are much more costly than SEO. You should really take advantage of SEO. However as far as website design is concerned it is too very important but is different from the SEO as I have explained you.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Best College Majors To Make Money

There are some majors in college curriculum which proves to be really the one which can earn you lots of money. Either you talk about various branches of engineering or you will find the various branches of commerce such as accounting or the medical line, all really provide a great chance to earn money. These all are a part of majors which really help us afterwards to earn really a good amount of money.

I would like to list some majors which really make the earning easier and also make sure that you earn a good amount of money. They are as follows:

1.Engineering and its branches:
There are many branches of engineering which proves to be real good for earning a good amount of money. Either you will talk about electrical engineering, electronics engineering, chemical engineering, mechanical engineering or any other engineering major, you will come to only one conclusion and that all these majors allow you with the opportunity to earn a very good amount of money and you can really earn a great sum if you do an engineering degree in any of the above course.

I must tell you that all these courses are really however very tough and requires a lots of mathematics. Hence you should only join these courses if you are good at mathematics. For example you will require lost of Fourier transform if you will opt for electrical engineering. Similarly there will be lots of thermodynamics involved if you will talk about mechanical engineering. Any way these courses are not so easy to complete and you should really study out of the skin if you want to succeed.

2.Computer science and IT:
These are the other two majors. These are also a part of the engineering courses but I had taken them in a different point because there is a lot to talk about these majors. As computer professionals you will have to look after every thing which a computer can do. I must say that you will really enjoy working as well as earning. And at present it is really a nice feeling to be called a computer engineer.

Accounting is a major related to commerce. You will definitely find this as a very good branch and as a layman you must know that how heavily the accountants earn the money. You can only hope to choose this major branch and join the party.

I have told you about some majors. However I must tell you that you will find these courses to be very interesting as well apart from the money you will get. You will not get just the prestige, you will also get the pleasure and happiness because you will definitely find these jobs very interesting too if you practice well.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Interesting Career as an Event Planner

You must have so many times participated in so many events either in your school or your college. You must have watched various award ceremonies and would have been surprised by experiencing the timing of each joke which is recited or a dance which is performed. You should know that it is not so easy to plan these events. It takes the hard work of days and night before they find everything in shape.

The event planner has to make sure that all the programs are included in the event. This is really very challenging job and you can easily understand why it is so challenging. You as an even planner not even forget even a smallest event to be included in the program. You should also be goal oriented, time conscious and patient. You have got all the opportunity to rock the world with your brain.

An event planner can also be a wedding planner. You can really opt for planning the whole marriage ceremony. The better you will plan the wedding more better will be your prospects. You will have to manage the photographers, lighting, DJ and all the rituals which forms a pert of marriage. You must make sure that the whole church rocks during the ceremony.

Event planning can be business oriented as well. You might get a chance to plan a business meeting. This can really be another challenge in front of you since all the top businessmen might attend the ceremony. You will have to manage the speech given by each businessman and make sure that the ceremony ends at time. The ceremony might be taking place in a seven star hotel or any resort. You can easily understand the importance of time. It is not only important for the hotel but also for the businessmen who might have to attend some other conference a minute later. You can easily understand how furious they can be if the conference do not end in time. Also you are too small to guide them while they are speaking. Hence you will have to really sum up the things very fast as soon as a speech ends. You job will really be cut off on different time and your ultimate motto will be to make sure that no businessmen are disturbed.

It's your choice whether you like t plan wedding ceremonies or the corporate meetings. You are here with all the details what you will be required to do as far as both types of events are concerned. Hence you should really make sure that you join the events which you are comfortable with. You would have easily understood up till now that how risky this job is. Hence make sure that you have to manage the event of your choice.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Effective Tips in Managing Your Busy Day

Almost everybody in today world is busy all the time. Children are busy in school activities. Moms are busy in getting their children ready and the others are busy in some short of work. You cannot say that who can be the busiest person in the world. In everyone's mind he/she himself/herself seems to be the busiest person in the world. However this can be true as well as false. However no body can underestimate one point and that is we all are busy in some way or the other.

You must have searched many websites for some regarding how to manage such a busy schedule. You must have got various results. I would too like to give you some tips. They are as follows:

1.You should make sure that you have a perfect plan written on one paper. You should have a list in advance that which places on that day you will have to visit. You must also have a time table to compensate with the busy schedule.

2.You should on Sunday fix one hour for preparing a time table. You should make sure that you have a time table ready for the entire week. There can be lots of task for you. If you are in some job. Then you should really decide that what you did in the last week. You should make sure that you prepare a list in mind that what you gained from the previous week.

3.Before you call it a day you should realize that what you will have to do the very next day.

4.If you will maintain a diary then it will really be great as far as scheduling next job is concerned. Managing a daily diary is a very good habit. By this at the end of every day you will come to know that what you have done in the past. I would really recommend every body to maintain a diary.

5.Apart from preparing a time table you must make sure that you strictly follow the time table. If you will not follow the timetable properly then you will definitely find yourself in a very precarious situation. You must make it in your mind that you will be successful in managing your busy day only if you will prepare a timetable and more importantly you follow it very seriously. It should not be like that you are scheduling the time for something else and you are doing something else.

I must say that anybodies success is hidden in how well he manages his daily schedule. If a person do manage his schedule very well then he will really succeed in his life.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Employment Aptitude test

Employment is one of the process through which most of us gets the job. The recruiters are responsible for the recruitment and they do that by taking some test. On most of the occasion it is found that aptitude test is taken finalize the list of selected candidates. They really rely upon the aptitude test.

There are many reasons for taking aptitude test. Actually it is being thought that this is best way to judge some ones mental ability. You will definitely find it very interesting to note that most of the recruiters agree at one point that it is not really required to test the fresher at technical level. If he has good aptitude then he will always prove to be the best at work. They generally think that they need the fresh minds. All the other things can be taught to the candidate. Hence you will generally find that the fresher have to just give the aptitude test.

As far as aptitude test is concerned it basically comprises of quantitative test, verbal ability, non verbal ability, reasoning and comprehension. All the other things are included in these abilities. Sometimes the questions are made tough and sometimes the number of questions is increased. Both ways the question looks out to be tough. It is really a tough test. However if you will practice well then you will certainly able to crack it.

The highest marks achieved in such tests in normally 100%. However there are some papers in which it is hard to get even 6%. Just think about vocabulary and imagine that you have to crack every question. Do you feel that you will know the meaning of each and every question? It is really a tough ask. However with a good practice you can crack all the questions.

You can expect for brain twisters as far as aptitude test is concerned. The main objective is to find out the faces that are able to use their brain in a proper manner. It is really a tough ask to be so accurate. But the recruiters want faces want faces which are quiet close to this accuracy. It is quiet easy to fell in trap of the examiner but it is quiet tough to crack what he would have thought. Hence it is really nice to make sure that you work hard and prepare well for the test.

You must not forget that reward for cracking the test in very good. You should really encourage and boost yourself by thinking about the prize. It will encourage you all the time and you will definitely find out that you are able to crack the test. And once you crack it you are on the moon.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Pros and Cons of a Clinical Psychology Degree

Clinical physiology combines theory, science and practice. There might be some serious psychology problems like schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and substance abuse to problem related abuse. There might be many reasons for your requirement. Psychology is not an easy task to deal with. You will meet so many patients who are very hard to tackle.

However you will enjoy some good point and also you will be in loss as far as some points are concerned. The various pros and cons are as follows:

The pros:
1.Personal satisfaction:
By helping others and by solving their problems you will some personal satisfaction. You feel very happy because you are changing some body's life and making him a happy bud.

2.You will be your own boss:
The field of psychology helps you to do your own private practice. You are free to choose the patient as well what you are going to do at certain time. You will feel free from the boss fear factor since you will be your own boss. You will enjoy your private practice.

3.No dull moment:
You are free to choose your patient. You never feel that you are going through a daily routine. You will always be in listening mood and in all the case you will come across some new things and hence you will not feel bored. The job is never mundane and dull. You will hardly get any time to relax and should always expect to get a better patient.

4.Learning experience:
There is so much to learn in the field of psychology. You will learn new things with every new case. They will not give you any time o relax. I am talking about patients. Each of them will come up with a brand new case and a lot for you to learn.

The cons:
1.Long hours:
You should be ready for working for long hours. You are always up with some really strange patients and you will definitely be up with some new kind of problems. This will ask you to work days and night and sometimes you will have to work continuously for hours. You must make it in your mind that you are dealing with some really tough cases and your presence is a must as far as the case is concerned.

2.Risk of burnout:
You will always have to tackle with the problems of the patients. However you should have some resilience towards those problems. You should not allow them to creep in your life. Other wise you will really be in trouble.

These are something about psychology and I must say that this can be a great career only if you have guts.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Advice on Negotiating Salary

Salary negotiation is a very tough process. Most of us are busy in clearing interview and seldom want to speak on salary. We just want to make sure that our job is secured or not. We really waste. However I must say that salary negotiation is a very important point which is very important for our better future. I must say you should really question what salary you are getting. It is really the plan of every recruiter to hire you for the least amount.

They will keep this for the last part of your interview. However you will be asked for your view. Most of the people think that it is quiet good to agree on nay amount which the recruiter sets. But you should not be surprised to note that the recruiters take this act as a negative point. They too really are ready to bargain with you if they found you suitable for the job.

The question arises whether what are the points which we should keep in mind while negotiating for the salary. I would really give you some tips for this and they are as follows:

1.You should delay the salary negotiations for the last.Salary negotiation is a very serious part of the interview. Will you be agreeing to work for just $9000 per month if your actual salary should be at least $ 9000 per month? You will certainly agree that you will not accept such deal. Though the recruiters do not want to make you fool but they might start the salary negotiation process with a very small amount to surprise you if they have not mentioned the salary as yet. While doing this they really expect from you to prove that you deserve more. This type of negotiations is more common with highly paid jobs where the experienced candidate apply. However this is absent in the interview of the fresher. You can really check out for the jobs for fresher. You will always come across one point and that is they are told in advance what salary they will get.

However if you will talk about the post like vice president then you will come to know what actually salary negotiation is. The degree of negotiation increases as you will come across recruitment of the employees who are more experienced. The person whom you as a recruiter will consider as a Vice president of any company will really be a very strong personality and you will definitely hope for a very hot negotiation.

2.You must also keep in mind that you should really find out in advance that what is the cost of your skills in the market and hence you can negotiate accordingly.

I would like to add that it is my general experience that negotiations are more for the higher post and negligible for fresher. The more experienced you will be more will be the negotiations.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Comparison between Entrepreneur or Intrapreneur

Entrepreneurs are the persons who have a capitalistic idea. They try to build their own business and hence risk their own finance. However as far as intrapreneur are concerned they are those people who work under some organization and provide their assistance but they do not risk their own finance. The ego of entrepreneur is never dented but in the case of intrapreneur the case is a bit different because he has to work under somebody. He can be a part of top management but yet his decision can be overruled by the owner of the organization. However the entrepreneur sets their own business goal and tries to fulfill it with his own ideas. As far as intrapreneur is concerned they have to work to achieve the goals set by the organization.

Nothing is set to risk as far as intrapreneur is concerned however if the career is important for him/her then it will really be at risk because his/ her performance will decide his future prospects. The entrepreneurs have every thing to lose. They can lose money as well as the status if they go wrong.
However the country needs both of them. The small businessmen form around 80 to 90% of the total business of the country. And they are helped by the intrapreneurs. If there will be no intrapreneurs then no organization can run smoothly. Either it is board of directors or the middle level management, all of them are formed by the intrapreneurs. I cannot even imagine how somebody can even think about an organization without intrapreneurs.

It is rightly said that the intrapreneurs are governed by the entrepreneurs. However it is also rightly said that the organizations are governed by the intrapreneurs. You can talk about any department; they all are intrapreneurs except the owner or the shareholder of the company whose money is under threat. The entrepreneur put their money on risk and the intrapreneur makes the money out of it for them.

Can you guess that what we as an employee of any organization will be. I must tell you that we will in this case be an intrapreneur. And can you guess what will be our objective. Yes, it will be to get closer to the target which is given by the organization. However apart from all this our target will also be to achieve our career goals. This is the only factor which is at risk as far as we in this case will be concerned. However if we will also invest our money then our money will also be at risk and we will be an entrepreneur in this case.

However either your are an entrepreneur or a intrapreneur one thing is for sure that the country needs you and you should your eyes pointing towards your fixed goals and that is what will be fruitful for the country. It is the entrepreneur and the intrapreneur who collectively decide what the future of the country will be.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

How to Find Summer Jobs

Summer jobs are really very easy to find out. These are really the jobs which you do in leisure time. I must say that time is very precious and you should never waste it. As far as summer jobs are concerned this can be done only by students or teachers because you will hardly ever see a company giving such a long holidays. Hence we will be confined to students and teachers only. I must say that children get the summer holiday to enjoy. But they can increase their enjoyment if they work part time somewhere. In this way they will be able to increase their pocket money and I must say that they should really go for it.

I would like to give a list of summer jobs which you as a student can do and earn a very good pocket money. I will list them one by one. They are as follows:

1.Pizza huts:
The first job which comes to my mind is that of pizza hut. You will be required to prepare the burgers according to a know recipe. You will just have to put everything in place. This job is suitable for the children whose age is over 14 years. I would not really ask the child whose age is less than 14 years to work at all.

However you will really find it very enjoyable. You will just have to arrange all the tings like cheese, boiled potatoes, special sauce and all the other ingredients at ne place and you will find that the burger is ready. Similarly you can prepare pizzas. But for safety you will only be allowed to make burgers. Pizzas are made by experts. As a kid you can be the power house of the shop. You will have to work for only four hours in the evening.

2.Data entry jobs:
There are many data entry jobs which a student can do easily. You will just be required to fill an excel sheet or you will have to fill a form. The job will be simple and you will be given all data. You do not need to think a lot. You will just have to type. This will really earn you a very good amount which you can either spend or enjoy as a pocket money.

3.Website designing:
If you are in college doing graduation then during your summer holidays you can go for some internship. For example you can make a website for some company. This will earn you a lot of money and also you will have a great chance to get an opportunity after your graduation.

I must again emphasize that the summer holidays are for enjoyment and you will not loose anything by working for just four hours a day. And its not really bad to earn hundreds of dollars for your pocket money.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Advise To Become a Radio Disc Jockey

A radio disc jockey is one who plays recorded music for the radio audience. You must have heard the FM radio and off coarse the DJ show on the radio. I must say that they really do a great job. Their job is basically to provide music so that the audience can dance and enjoy the fun. They are the winner in their community if they are able to force the people to dance with their music. There are many kinds of DJ and all of them really do a fabulous job. You must have visited many clubs and enjoyed the music offered by the DJ. It is really fabulous to hear.

You must be wondering up till now that what are the equipments which these radio Jockey uses. They are as follows:
1.Sound recording is a DJ perfect medium like computer media files and compact disc.

2.A combination of two play sound recording for alternative back and forth to create continuous music.

3.Mixers, headphones and so on.

I must say that radio disc jockeys are more often busy in nights when all the people get some leisure time. It is a bit different from the club DJ because the club DJ plays the music in clubs. Some times we do not have the time to go to the club. Hence we just switch on our radios and enjoy the music on radio provided by the Radio DJ. I assure you that you will surely enjoy the music and I must say that it is fabulous to hear.

However there are so many advise that I would like to give to the radio disc jockeys. Some are as follows:

1.Do not go on providing very loud music. You can always put a break between two songs by a soft song. I must say that people do not have any time to spend on understanding the song. They just want to enjoy the music. However they should be provided some rest between the songs. Otherwise I must say that it might create havoc. This is really the characteristic of a good DJ to provide a good and healthy music.

2.The radio disc jockeys are known for their voice. No body really sees them. Hence I will really advise only those people to join this field who have good voice. I am not telling that good Radio disc jockeys cannot be a good club DJ. They can really be. But they should have good body as well.

The only difference between the club DJ and radio DJ is that the first one should look nice and should be attractive but this is not the case with radio DJ.