Sunday, December 7, 2008

Comparison between Entrepreneur or Intrapreneur

Entrepreneurs are the persons who have a capitalistic idea. They try to build their own business and hence risk their own finance. However as far as intrapreneur are concerned they are those people who work under some organization and provide their assistance but they do not risk their own finance. The ego of entrepreneur is never dented but in the case of intrapreneur the case is a bit different because he has to work under somebody. He can be a part of top management but yet his decision can be overruled by the owner of the organization. However the entrepreneur sets their own business goal and tries to fulfill it with his own ideas. As far as intrapreneur is concerned they have to work to achieve the goals set by the organization.

Nothing is set to risk as far as intrapreneur is concerned however if the career is important for him/her then it will really be at risk because his/ her performance will decide his future prospects. The entrepreneurs have every thing to lose. They can lose money as well as the status if they go wrong.
However the country needs both of them. The small businessmen form around 80 to 90% of the total business of the country. And they are helped by the intrapreneurs. If there will be no intrapreneurs then no organization can run smoothly. Either it is board of directors or the middle level management, all of them are formed by the intrapreneurs. I cannot even imagine how somebody can even think about an organization without intrapreneurs.

It is rightly said that the intrapreneurs are governed by the entrepreneurs. However it is also rightly said that the organizations are governed by the intrapreneurs. You can talk about any department; they all are intrapreneurs except the owner or the shareholder of the company whose money is under threat. The entrepreneur put their money on risk and the intrapreneur makes the money out of it for them.

Can you guess that what we as an employee of any organization will be. I must tell you that we will in this case be an intrapreneur. And can you guess what will be our objective. Yes, it will be to get closer to the target which is given by the organization. However apart from all this our target will also be to achieve our career goals. This is the only factor which is at risk as far as we in this case will be concerned. However if we will also invest our money then our money will also be at risk and we will be an entrepreneur in this case.

However either your are an entrepreneur or a intrapreneur one thing is for sure that the country needs you and you should your eyes pointing towards your fixed goals and that is what will be fruitful for the country. It is the entrepreneur and the intrapreneur who collectively decide what the future of the country will be.

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