Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Pros and Cons of a Clinical Psychology Degree

Clinical physiology combines theory, science and practice. There might be some serious psychology problems like schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and substance abuse to problem related abuse. There might be many reasons for your requirement. Psychology is not an easy task to deal with. You will meet so many patients who are very hard to tackle.

However you will enjoy some good point and also you will be in loss as far as some points are concerned. The various pros and cons are as follows:

The pros:
1.Personal satisfaction:
By helping others and by solving their problems you will some personal satisfaction. You feel very happy because you are changing some body's life and making him a happy bud.

2.You will be your own boss:
The field of psychology helps you to do your own private practice. You are free to choose the patient as well what you are going to do at certain time. You will feel free from the boss fear factor since you will be your own boss. You will enjoy your private practice.

3.No dull moment:
You are free to choose your patient. You never feel that you are going through a daily routine. You will always be in listening mood and in all the case you will come across some new things and hence you will not feel bored. The job is never mundane and dull. You will hardly get any time to relax and should always expect to get a better patient.

4.Learning experience:
There is so much to learn in the field of psychology. You will learn new things with every new case. They will not give you any time o relax. I am talking about patients. Each of them will come up with a brand new case and a lot for you to learn.

The cons:
1.Long hours:
You should be ready for working for long hours. You are always up with some really strange patients and you will definitely be up with some new kind of problems. This will ask you to work days and night and sometimes you will have to work continuously for hours. You must make it in your mind that you are dealing with some really tough cases and your presence is a must as far as the case is concerned.

2.Risk of burnout:
You will always have to tackle with the problems of the patients. However you should have some resilience towards those problems. You should not allow them to creep in your life. Other wise you will really be in trouble.

These are something about psychology and I must say that this can be a great career only if you have guts.

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