Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Advice on Negotiating Salary

Salary negotiation is a very tough process. Most of us are busy in clearing interview and seldom want to speak on salary. We just want to make sure that our job is secured or not. We really waste. However I must say that salary negotiation is a very important point which is very important for our better future. I must say you should really question what salary you are getting. It is really the plan of every recruiter to hire you for the least amount.

They will keep this for the last part of your interview. However you will be asked for your view. Most of the people think that it is quiet good to agree on nay amount which the recruiter sets. But you should not be surprised to note that the recruiters take this act as a negative point. They too really are ready to bargain with you if they found you suitable for the job.

The question arises whether what are the points which we should keep in mind while negotiating for the salary. I would really give you some tips for this and they are as follows:

1.You should delay the salary negotiations for the last.Salary negotiation is a very serious part of the interview. Will you be agreeing to work for just $9000 per month if your actual salary should be at least $ 9000 per month? You will certainly agree that you will not accept such deal. Though the recruiters do not want to make you fool but they might start the salary negotiation process with a very small amount to surprise you if they have not mentioned the salary as yet. While doing this they really expect from you to prove that you deserve more. This type of negotiations is more common with highly paid jobs where the experienced candidate apply. However this is absent in the interview of the fresher. You can really check out for the jobs for fresher. You will always come across one point and that is they are told in advance what salary they will get.

However if you will talk about the post like vice president then you will come to know what actually salary negotiation is. The degree of negotiation increases as you will come across recruitment of the employees who are more experienced. The person whom you as a recruiter will consider as a Vice president of any company will really be a very strong personality and you will definitely hope for a very hot negotiation.

2.You must also keep in mind that you should really find out in advance that what is the cost of your skills in the market and hence you can negotiate accordingly.

I would like to add that it is my general experience that negotiations are more for the higher post and negligible for fresher. The more experienced you will be more will be the negotiations.

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