Monday, December 29, 2008

Importance of First Impression

Have you ever heard some body telling that the first impression is the last impression? You must really have heard this somewhere or the other. In fact this is a very popular proverb. You must have been taught about this by your parents as well as teachers. They all would have suggested you to make sure that your first impression is good. If it will not be a good one then it is quiet sure that it will take a long time before you will be able to get your impression feel goo. You can just remember your first day in college or in any office. You should also remember what happened on that day and how it affected your future prospects. I must say that it will sound better in future if you have good first day impression. You are studying in some colleges or you are doing any job in any company, you will have to agree that your first impression come out to be the last impression.

I would like to list some of the reasons why the first impression is very important. They are as follows:

1.Most of the elders feel that the first time when they meet a new face is the best time to judge how good they are because everybody seems to be most careful the first time. Hence one can hope for the best performance the first time you meet them. You should keep this in mind. If you will not keep this in mind then you will definitely find yourself in a dilemma.

2.The elders do believe that it is the best time to decide that how much love we really love them because the first time we do not know that to whom we are going to meet. You must have watched in movies that how the elders decide who among the first time visitors are good and who are bad.

3.You must have participated in some reality shows. You must know that you can win these shows only if you earn lots of SMS. And the number of SMS which you will get depends upon your first impression in public. If you fail to impress them the first time. Then you will really suffer throughout the show. Some other reality shows like big brother of London allows you to make impression every next moment. But they are really a rare sight.

I must at last say that you will definitely find the first impression to be very important. If you are able to provide a good impression then its all for you but if you fail then you are really going to suffer.

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