Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Advise To Become a Radio Disc Jockey

A radio disc jockey is one who plays recorded music for the radio audience. You must have heard the FM radio and off coarse the DJ show on the radio. I must say that they really do a great job. Their job is basically to provide music so that the audience can dance and enjoy the fun. They are the winner in their community if they are able to force the people to dance with their music. There are many kinds of DJ and all of them really do a fabulous job. You must have visited many clubs and enjoyed the music offered by the DJ. It is really fabulous to hear.

You must be wondering up till now that what are the equipments which these radio Jockey uses. They are as follows:
1.Sound recording is a DJ perfect medium like computer media files and compact disc.

2.A combination of two play sound recording for alternative back and forth to create continuous music.

3.Mixers, headphones and so on.

I must say that radio disc jockeys are more often busy in nights when all the people get some leisure time. It is a bit different from the club DJ because the club DJ plays the music in clubs. Some times we do not have the time to go to the club. Hence we just switch on our radios and enjoy the music on radio provided by the Radio DJ. I assure you that you will surely enjoy the music and I must say that it is fabulous to hear.

However there are so many advise that I would like to give to the radio disc jockeys. Some are as follows:

1.Do not go on providing very loud music. You can always put a break between two songs by a soft song. I must say that people do not have any time to spend on understanding the song. They just want to enjoy the music. However they should be provided some rest between the songs. Otherwise I must say that it might create havoc. This is really the characteristic of a good DJ to provide a good and healthy music.

2.The radio disc jockeys are known for their voice. No body really sees them. Hence I will really advise only those people to join this field who have good voice. I am not telling that good Radio disc jockeys cannot be a good club DJ. They can really be. But they should have good body as well.

The only difference between the club DJ and radio DJ is that the first one should look nice and should be attractive but this is not the case with radio DJ.

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