Tuesday, March 3, 2009

What is the Perfect Opportunity of a Lifetime

You must be wondering that what might be the perfect opportunity for you of a lifetime. I must add that the lifetime opportunity can be anything. It can be at the start of your career or even around 49. You can never underestimate the time.

I must tell you that lifetime achievement depends upon lifetime opportunity. You might be a student going to school. You might have an ambition to join the MIT for your higher studies. Once you get the chance it can be stated as the opportunity of the life time. However you can really feel the same way on many occasions. You might get a good job after passing from MIT. However the importance of you being admitted to MIT will never be lost and most probably it will come out to be the lifetime opportunity.

I have seen many fellows being happy on many occasions of life. However, I must tell you that life time achievement for them is not anything else but the first break which they got. I must tell you that there will be bundles of opportunities. But the most important part of your life is that when you get the first break. Can you tell which the lifetime opportunity of a film star was? I must tell you that the life time opportunity of actors on most of the occasion is the first hit film which he does. Similarly lifetime opportunity for the students is the day when they get a chance to study in a very big and famous college. The lifetime achievement for a struggler is the day when he gets the perfect job. I must tell you that life time opportunity depends upon the need of the person.

Now I would like to tell about some profession and then write the probable life time achievement for them one by one.

For doctors the life time opportunity is the days when they cure solve the toughest case of the life. I must tell you that the doctors are happy when the patients find their medicines effective.

For engineers basically there are two types of lifetime opportunity. The first one is the day when they complete their first best project. The second can be the day when they get a perfect job.

For students the lifetime opportunity is the day when they get a chance to perform in the college which is the best in the country. MIT is the favorite among them.

I have given you a list but I again tell you that the perfect lifetime opportunity depends upon the field which you are in and I have already listed some for you.

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