Tuesday, April 7, 2009

What is Precarious Work?

A precarious work is a kind of work which is not properly paid, insecure, unprotected and cannot support the house hold. There has really been a sudden increase in the number of precarious work with the growth of information technology. I really feel that there have been so many jobs which are now floating in the market and cannot be termed as a good work and hence come under the precarious work. You will definitely not be able to earn enough to take the complete burden of your family.

You should note that there are four dimensions which will help you in finding whether the job which you are doing is precarious or not. They are as follows:

1.the first thing which is really important to note is that you will have to make sure that how secure is your employment and what are the chances for it to run for a long period of time. Many of the projects are found to get finished in four or five months and you will then be left in the no mans land.

2.the second thing which I really feel is very important to note is that you will have to check the control over the labor process, and this is linked with the presence or absence of the trade union and professional associations and relates to control over working conditions, wages, and the pace of work.

3.The degree of regulatory protection is also quiet important and you should really check for all this.

4.And last but not the least you will also have to check for the income level.

If you are engaged in some sort of freelancing job then I must tell you that you too are doing a precarious job. However you may skip the income level since some people do earn a lot of money from the freelancing. You can also argue that you can earn more than the simple job through freelancing. But you will have to agree that you are not quiet certain of having the job throughout the year. I really feel that you will be in dilemma all the time as far as the security of your earning is concerned. That is why I have said that the freelancing is too a precarious job.

However you cannot really blame the Information technology for this. I really feel that information technology has done a lot well as far as the job availability is concerned. Even in the recession the most number of jobs are available in the field of information technology.
I do feel that you should not really blame anybody for the precarious jobs. In fact it is really better to have the precarious job rather tan remaining jobless.

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