Monday, October 27, 2008

Chances in Oil and Gas Jobs Abroad

Oil and gas are two industries which are interlinked and their after effects are an important factor in today's economy. The market is experiencing a great slow down due to the rise in the prices of oil and gas. However these two industries are worldwide industries and there is a vide variety of job opportunity in this field. These resources are found in one country and sold in the other country. You should really hope for the best when you are talking about these industries.

Among the top countries as far as oil production is concerned, the topmost countries are Arabian countries. US, Russia, Uzbekistan, China and Canada are some of the other countries who have oil and gas in plenty.

There are two types of oil industries, "Downstream" and "Upstream" industries. Upstream is used to describe the processes involved. The upstream of the crude oil means how to extract the oil and gas from the wells. This is likely comprising of exploring sites where the oil can be found and to finally extract them from those regions.

As far as downstream category is concerned, it comprises of the extraction of marketable products from the crude oil. This will include transportation of crude oil and gas using pipelines and pumping systems. If any reserve is found then the upstream job also comprises of development of oil and gas field, for example development of wells.

As far as jobs are concerned this field is global and you can get the job in any part of the world. An oil refinery engineer from UK can get a job in Iran and a fire engineer from France can get a job in china. As you will go on seeing and admiring this field you will certainly realize that there is a hike in oil prices every next month.

The oil and gas industry is driven by the demand. The increase in demand of certain products can lead to an increase in the production of that material. There is a great concern for environment since the environment is badly effected by the oil and gas usage. There is always a demand for environment friendly products. And the engineers who are involved in this field are generally asked to produce them.

The oil and gas industry provides employment for many type of candidate. It is next to paradise for the chemical engineers and also not far behind for mechanical engineers. The diploma holders who are specialized in some field related to oil and gases have also great chance to get a job ion this field. The price range is very high and you can expect for best as far the oil and gas industry is concerned.

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