Saturday, October 25, 2008

Career in Photography

Photography is the art of recording images. The more natural it will look the better photographer you are. There are many types of career as far as photography is concerned. Scientist, research scholars, artists or family or various festive occasions, almost every one needs a photographer. In fact everyone has some photography skills. But to be a professional you are required to do a professional course. Photography can sometimes convey those feelings and situations which are out of reach of a common man. Their images have the power which is equivalent to words of a journalist.

There are many kinds of photography and some of them are as follows:

1.Fashion photography
Fashion photography deals with advertisement of clothes and accessories. Models are selected according to the situation. Photographers try to invent great set up either in natural environment or in studio. Almost every company, dealing in the clothing's, look for such photographers.

2.Advertising photography
Various products, which are ready for sale, do not reach the market directly. A proper advertisement is required. The images of the product should be of high quality and the product should look good. The photographers doing this job come under advertising photography.

3.Still life photography
Still life photography is capturing still images of the objects. Lots of skills related to photography as well as lighting is very important for this kind of photography.

4.Wedding photography
Wedding photography is also very common. You are required to do a photo suit of the whole ceremony. Requirement is set by the client and you will have to perform accordingly.

5.Nature photography
Nature photography is a very interesting job. You are required to take photographs of landscapes and wildlife. This is very challenging and only real professionals who have guts can do it. It really demanding and is very popular among the masses. If you choose this as your career then you might find yourself in the Amazon River, Brazil taking photographs of the anaconda. The job is really adventures. However there is no limit up to which you can earn. Its all depends upon the quality of your photographs. Just think you get a photo graph of dodo or any extinct animal from somewhere. You can fix money for that. They are priceless. Self employed natural photographers are very common. They can directly contact some magazines and newspaper where they can publish their photographs.

Some more examples of photography are: travel photography, underwater photography, cloud escape photography, scientific photography and so on.

The average salary of photographers is around $35000 at present. However there is a vast difference between highest and lowest. The more is the risk involved in the photography more will be your salary. You can really go for it.

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