Saturday, October 25, 2008

Careers in Complementary Medicine a concise Guidance

Do you know what complementary is really about. You must have heard about acupuncture and ayurveda, medicine. These are any healing practice which does not fall in conventional medicine. You cannot write these medicines under normal medicine technique. They are really different. However they are very effective and there are so many medicines which can be cured by the complementary medicines. It is believed that acupuncture which is an example of complementary medicine can cure cancer. Isn't it lovely to hear this? Unconventional medicines are as dissimilar in their establishment as in their method.

Definition of complementary medicine:
There is no exact definition of complementary medicine. However I would like to define it for you. "Complementary and alternative medicines is a broad domain of resources that encompasses health system, modalities and practices and their accompanying theories and belief."

I would also like to list some types of complementary medicines. I would like to write the NCCAN classification. We can classify under following heading according to NCCAM:

1.Whole medical systems
This cut across more than one of the other groups; example includes acupuncture which is a Chinese medicinal therapy and Ayurveda.

2.Mind body medicine
I would really love to give you details about this medicine. Actually it is meditation. The logic behind this medicine is that all the diseases are caused because your minds do not get appropriate rest. The meditate practitioner feels that if he can give rest to the mind then he will really be able to cure the disease. Now the question arises that how to give the mind rest. It is well known that our mind does not rest even when we are sleeping hence you need some other way. Meditation is the best way to give the mind rest.

3.Biological based practices
This uses substance found in nature for example herbs, foods, vitamin and other natural substance. I was watching discovery channel the other night. The serial was Man and Wild. Jack one of the scientists was caught in one of the forest and has to cope up with. He ate bananas in the forest. But I was quiet astonished when he just caught a caterpillars and ate it. He further told that he will get lot of vitamin from caterpillar. I am really astonished. Aren't you amazed? These scientists are really mad. But I really like what they come up with. I must tell you that jack was also found to be correct.

4.Manipulative and body based practices
Chiropractic and osteopathic are two examples of this type of medicine.

5.Energy medicine
This is a kind of therapy which deals with putative and verifiable energy fields. Two examples are bio-field and bio-electromagnetism.

I must tell you that these type of medicines work where the common medicines don't. Hence you should really know about these medicines.

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