Saturday, October 25, 2008

Career in computer science

Computer science is a great career and you can expect for the best if you join it. Once you join it I assure you that you will have a great time ahead. You already must know the CS is at the top position as far as jobs are concerned. Information technology is also a part of it. Now the question arises how to make a career in computer science. I will list some steps:

Computer science is a subject included in all the engineering colleges. You can pass the combined entrance test for engineering and if you are selected then you can choose computer science as your subject. You will really enjoy the college life which is really great and after clearing the course you will be sure to get a good job.

2.Crash courses
You can also go for some crash courses and which are company specific. For example if you want to become a router expert you can do CCNA which is monitored by CISCO. There are number of courses which can be done to become a computer science specialist. There are various graduation courses which include computer science in their course material. You can do and take your one of the subject as computer science.

This was about the courses which you can do to become computer specialist. However I would also like to put forward some type of jobs which you will have to do:

1.Database administrator
As a database administrator you will have to manage the database of the company. It's very important post because database is the most important part of any company. All the software has some sort of database.

2.Website designer
As a website designer you will be required to design some templates which will be used in website creation. This job is basically done by those computer experts who have flair for designing.

3.Software programmer
As a software programmer you will be required to do some programming and the coding work. Coding is a very tedious and long job. You will be required to code whose output according to the client.

4.Software analyst
The job of software analyst is to analyze the software and prepare the SRS report. You will be taking part in some meeting with the client and explain to the coders that what the client really wants. The job is very tedious and requires lots of research.

5.Project manager
As a project manager you will be required to manage all the projects. You will have to prepare a list all the projects and then you will have to check whether it is going to complete in time or not.

I have listed some of the jobs which you can join. But I assure you that this is just a trailer. There are lot more type of jobs which are provided as a computer science.

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