Saturday, November 1, 2008

How to achieve your Career Success

Career is the most important aspect of anybodies life. You must know that more than half of your daily time is for office. In fact you will have to spend most of the time in office. Hence the job which you have to do in office should be interesting and you should love it. If this is not the case, I assure that you will definitely get fed of the job very soon.

You must have some ambition in your childhood. In fact most have the children do have ambition. They do hard work in their schools and even at their homes. Some have flavor for sports and they take part in various sporting events to get a big chance. What I would like to add is that you can opt for different career but you should work hard in any field which you will select. Only hard work and a little bit of luck will take you to the road which leads to success.

I would like to add that success stories need a beginning and then only the journey will begin. The story begins with a dream which a child sees. This dream is then transformed into an ambition and with lots of hard work the ambition changes into a reality.

You must have heard about Thomas Alva Edison. I would like to tell you one story about Edison. In his childhood Edison was very creative. Once he saw the birds flying. He thought that if birds can fly why cant we? He suddenly thought that if we make a paste of insects and flies and drink it then we will be able to fly. He performed these experiments on her made servant. He gave her the paste of insects to drink and asked her to drink it. He eagerly waited for the next day. However something different happened. The made servant fell ill and everyone wanted to know the reason. Edison some how escaped from beatings. However we all know what a great scientist he came out to be.

I can tell you number of stories and there will be no ending. However I must tell you that you will come across one thing and that is, you will see setbacks many times before tasting the actual taste of success. I can just give you some examples and give you some reasons. But I must tell you that you will find it true on most of the occasions. There only a few lucky champs who get everything very soon. On most of the occasion hard work is required. And I must tell you that you should have the following proverb in mind and that is, "try, try, try again, unless and until you succeed". I hope you got the point.

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