Monday, November 3, 2008

Careers in human resources

Human resource is really a very challenging job. Every company has its human resource department. The main job of human resource is to hire the require manpower. You must have come across various HR if you have completed your studies and participated in some sort of interview. If you are applying for any technical job then you are required to face two interviews out of which the first interview is an HR interview. You must note that you will only be allowed to attend the technical interview if you pass the HR round. The HR is highly paid too. They are really relaxed throughout their career and they are good looking as well. You will find lots of females in this field.

Requirements to become an HR:

The only requirement which you have to fulfill in order to become an HR professional is the master degree in human resource. However, sometimes the graduation degree will also do. If you are an engineer or a doctor, you can directly join the HR field. However an MBA degree is the best suited to become an HR. you can choose human resource as your subject in MBA.
Jobs which you will have to do as an HR:

As an HR you will be required to do following things:
1.As an HR you will have to use job sites and you will have to search the candidates which are best suited for the job opening which you have got.
2.Once you have shortlisted the candidates, your next job is to contact those candidates.
3.You should contact the companies HR panel in advance and ask what they require and when can the interview be organized.
4.Your next job is to let all the shortlisted candidates know about the interview dates.
5.You are also responsible to make it sure that all the shortlisted candidates take part in the interview.

I must tell you that if anyone from your list is selected then you will get an incentive apart from your monthly salary.

However I must tell you that there is a hierarchy in the HR department. You can find HR manager as well as HR executive. The job which I have listed above is done by HR executive. As far as the HR manager is concerned there main job is to maintain relationship with all the HR heads of different companies. I must tell you that the private consultancy also come in this category.
Many say that the HR department is the busiest department of any company. You must know this if you are working somewhere. You must know that you are required to register on the HR register both in the morning a and at the evening as well.

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