Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Best tips for Career Networking

Career management is a topic which is very common these days. You might be amused with this topic but I must tell you that that career management is also very important. Have you ever visited www.linkedin.com?

I would really like you to visit this site which is totally a career networking website. I would like put forward some of the points in front of you which will help you if you would like to form your career network. They are:

1.You should either be employed or a fresher:
It's mandatory that whenever you want to form a career network, you should make sure that all the information you provide about yourself should be correct. However it has been found that on most of the occasion you tend to give wrong information. I question that how you can then invite your friends to join the network. I must tell you that your first objective should be to form a true profile so that your real friends can identify you. You can ask all of them to join your network. There are various websites which provide this type of facilities. However as far as email is considered most of the sight limits it for members only. With a slight research you will find out that this is for your advantage. I must also tell that your resume is a must for these kinds of sites. You will have to upload it with your profile. Similarly the other friends should also upload their resumes in profile otherwise they will not be able to join the network.

2.You can find many advantages:
I must tell you that if you will read the first point carefully, you will easily find out that there are lots of advantages. You can think of a situation when some recruiter of a top company joins your network. Yours and your friends resume will then be available with him/her and he/ she will definitely contact you as soon as they get any vacancy. However I must tell you that there is a difference between job sites and career networking. As far as job sites are concerned you are not providing your resume for free. The job site charges some money to the recruiters to access your resume. However as far as career networking is concerned the recruiters get attached to you personally. Hence you have higher percentage of chance to get a job which will be better than your last one.

I must again tell you that career networking is a very good use of the internet. You and your friends, all of you will be profited by it in some way or the other.

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