Sunday, November 16, 2008

Medical Representative Sales Jobs

Medical representatives or rep as they are commonly called are a key in the field of pharmaceuticals. They form a link between pharmaceutical companies and medical and health care professionals. They make strategies and work to increase the awareness of the pharmaceutical company's products among the medical and heath care professionals.

Based on geographical locations and specific product or area in which they are specialized in, they try to make sure that there product description is known to every health care expert and medical professionals.

Medical sales representative find the healthy customers and try to ensure them that they realize the good points of their companies. They also make it sure that the all the customer agrees that your product is best. They also deal in closing the sale according to terms and condition. They also provide after sale services.

Some jobs related to medical representatives are:
1.They are responsible for arranging appointments with doctors, health professionals.
2.They are responsible for presenting the companies product to the medical professionals and doctors in best way. They are responsible to ensure that all of them appreciate the product and the product is launched in the market with a bang.
3.They are also responsible for organizing conferences for doctors and medical staffs.
4.Building and maintaining healthy relationship with medical staffs and doctors. They should also insure healthy relationship with administrative staffs like receptionist.
5.Managing budgets (like catering, hospitality, conferences etc.
6.Keeping details of all records which might deal with database management.
7.Regularly attending medical meetings, conferences and so on.
8.Having full knowledge of medical activities which are taking place in his area.
9.Developing strategies to organize more meeting with health care experts and staffs.
10.Working with team manager for better advertisement and sell out.

You will need a degree in life sciences like biology, pharmacy and bio medicals courses. You should have deep knowledge of sale and marketing. If you don't have a science degree, even then the doors are not shut for you. However you should be an expert at sales and marketing. You should also believe that you can learn very quickly. However it's advisable to have a degree in life sciences. If you are an expert at nursing and health care, it will be a great skill to have in. it will do wonders in getting you a job in this field.

You will be provided training by the company who will hire you. You will appoint for the post only after you have completed the training. You must pass a medical representative examination within two years after joining the job.

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