Thursday, November 20, 2008

Best ten greatest wide receivers of all time

These are according to me ten best wide receivers of all times. I will list them for you:
1.Jerry rice:
I dare someone to someone to argue with this pick. Jerry rice is so much better than any other wide receivers to ever play the game. Even his statistic looks like a joke, they are simply unreal. The fact is that jerry rice can easily be the greatest football player of all time. You can easily say that his records will not even be sniffed in next hundred years.

2.Don Hutson:
I know his statistics aren't great but you should really not care about it. It was he who received most of the passes which was even more than what the other members of the team combined received. Don was one of the greatest receivers in the entire history of football. For these reasons Hutson clearly gains the third spot in my team.

3.Marvin Harrison:
I know you would not like me to add those names that are still playing but believe me that Harrison really deserves a place in this list. With his fantastic numbers, lights-out play and unselfish attitude which are a rarity for receivers, Harrison is really one of the greatest receivers ever.

4.Randy moss:
Again a controversial pick, I think you will really say this. However if you will really look at his numbers then you will really come to only one conclusion and that is there has been no prolific receiver than Moss.

5.Paul Warfield:
He is another receiver who lacks impressive numbers but he was a real dominant force before forward pass became very common in football.

6.Tim brown:
He was one of the most consistent and solid receiver in the entire history of the football game.

7.Isaac Bruce:
Bruce is really a model of consistency. While he may not be among the flashiest of the receivers, he continues to accumulate solid numbers every year.

8.Terrell Owens:
Yes I too hate Owens. But the numbers clearly suggest that he is among the best receivers in the world of football. If you have any problem then you can just look at his numbers. Yes, he has many years of football still left.
9.Steve Largent:
I must add that he is among the best receivers and hence he is in my list.

10.Jimmy smith:
There were a number of footballers whom I could have added in my list but I decided to add smith in my list because though he was not physically blessed but he really was a lesson for other footballers since he always was able to make a way for himself.

I must tell that these are my choices and you can really have yours.

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