Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Secrets to Speed up Your Read

How nice it would be if we were able to come to a conclusion of any article or document very quickly with a little reading. One has to dig and go through maximum number of books in the library in order to improve his/her vocabulary. Your reading speed will certainly increase. You have to go through suffixes and prefixes of which word is made of. Then only one can find the meaning of all words. Reading books is the best way to improve vocabulary.

Comprehension is the other way to speed up reading. One can take a comprehension and set up the time limit. Again and again he / she should try to read it and answer to related question in as much less time as possible. One should be grammatically accurate to read anything very quickly. Punctuation, sentences, noun, verbs, tenses, antonyms, synonyms etc should be thoroughly known.

In most cases reading is specific to a list of subjects. In that case, you should have thorough knowledge of those subjects. But grammar is equally important.

Job search is a very interesting task. A person will search for job in the field in which he/ she is specialized. He should have knowledge of keywords related to that field. For example database administrator and let the sub keyword be oracle. The search engine will list all the jobs related to database administrator who are specialized in oracle.

You also should know that a skilled reader does not read the whole comprehension in same speed. He varies his speed according to the toughness of the content. One should take into consideration:
  1. How difficult reading material is?
  2. Your vocabulary strength
  3. How familiar you are with the subject?
  4. Your purpose of reading

When we read at a brisk speed we are feeding information in brain closure to its thinking speed. This is the speed at which brain absorbs data. The key is to allow brain capture whole idea and concepts not disjointed words and sentences, which we come across while reading. Tough comprehension should not necessarily be read slowly. Actually it wastes time. One should always try to read at the speed at which it is injected in the brain.

The way we are taught to read in the school, does not really work. They tell us to read more slowly when we cannot remember it. If we read slowly, our brain goes to sleep faster. Hence we should read at reasonable speed.

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