Thursday, November 6, 2008

A Brief History of Outsourcing

Out sourcing has got a long history. It is practiced from the roman period as well. I must tell you that outsourcing is very common these days. Lots of large companies find it extremely difficult to manage all the departments. Hence they often outsource some of the departments to some other companies. I would like to like to take the name of Coca Cola which has now outsourced all the departments and is merely a marketing company now. Out sourcing is also termed as offshore business as well. You can outsource your work to a company in nearby country or you can outsource it to some other countries. The first type of outsourcing is called nearby shoring; however the second type of outsourcing is called offshore accounting.

You must be wondering that what the advantage in outsourcing is. I must tell you that outsourcing makes sure that there is smooth flow of business processes. I would also like to tell you about Multi-sourcing. As far as Multi-sourcing is concerned the company outsources different types of its job to different company. When taken as a one unit, it is called multi-sourcing.

The decision to outsource needs the approval of the board. One the management committee is ready for outsourcing, the search for the other company who the job will be outsourced begins. Lots of precautions are taken to decide the best company and who will manage the outsourced work in best possible way. I must tell you that there are many companies who are engaged in outsourcing process and I must also tell you that there is a lot of competition among them. Either its finance or software field outsourcing is very common. However it has a long history but it has gained importance in the last decade only. A special term has been given that is BPO (business process out sourcing). I feel that you must already have lots o knowledge about this term.

However the employees prefer to be real employees and not outsourced employee. You must understand that to get a good job you will have to struggle at first. Only after lots of struggle you will be able to establish yourself in the market. You can take example of president Obama. He is a 47 year old president of US.

However I would like you to just go through history. I really tell you that he was always ready for any job which he was asked to do. Hence you will very soon realize that it's not always an easy going. Yes the job in a BPO is not secure, but you should join it and have a belief that very soon you will be placed in some very good company.

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