Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Greeting Card Printing

Greeting cards are one of the best ways to express your feelings in front of somebody. It is possible that you make a greeting card by yourself, but you should be a great artist to do that. Lots of the greetings card companies are doing these jobs. The best company which comes in my mind is Archie which is among the biggest greeting card company in the world.

You might be enjoying Good Friday or a Halloween. You will find greetings cards related to all the festivals. Either you want to say merry Christmas or you want to congratulate some one on his 25th anniversary. The greetings card is the cheapest way to greet somebody. From the past few years greetings cards are also available on net and you can directly email them to your friends. I must tell you that you will get greeting card on any festival or occasion which you will want.

There is a great competition in the greeting cards designs visualization. Lots of great artists are engaged in defining the design of greeting cards. The better and unique the design will be more you will earn. I have seen many designs which were really awesome. They were really a treat to watch. You will always try to send the best cards to your loved ones during Christmas. Christmas is a great festive occasion and lots of cards are available on Christmas. I must tell you that those cards which are really new are sold at very high costs.

Some cards own the drawing of famous artists and they are really sold for a very high price. But you can always find the cheaper and better card as well. The main part of the card is the quotation which is written on it and if you are selecting some painting then it is also very important. You can always order for a particular painting which you want on your card. However you will have to pay in thousands as far its cost is concerned. I have seen cards which cost more than $100000 and also cards as cheap as 20 to 30 cents.

I must tell you that making a greeting card is an art. The art of the artists is sold and the artists charge for that. He charges for the total number of cards which will be available in the market. For example he might charge $2000 for 10000 cards. He also enjoys the royalty if larger number of cards is sold. Piracy is a headache which is related to the business of greeting cards. However it controlled by the government. The government checks out for any piracy cases and criminals are punished if they are found guilty.

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