Saturday, November 8, 2008

How to Prepare For a Telephone Job Interview

You must be familiar with telephonic interview and you might have given it as well. You will definitely like to know that, what are the secrets because of which, you can surely win a telephonic interview. Yes telephonic interview is a bit tricky. But you can always succeed if keep the following points in mind. I will tell you one by one:

1.Talk naturally:
It might be that you receive the first call from some company. Hence, you should make sure that you always talk in best possible way so that no new caller can blame you for your cruel answer. For example you might be angry for some reasons and you might say loudly that," yes so and so speaking, who's that?" you can only think what type of impression will this create on recruiters mind. Hence you should make sure that you are polite to every body because you never know that which will be an interview call.

2.Save the number:
The first time you will receive the call on most of the occasion will just require formal introduction. They will also ask whether you are interested or not. If you say you will receive the next call very soon.

3.Talk to every company member politely:
You never know that at what post the interviewer is sitting. It is possible that the call might be of HR head as well. Hence you should make sure that whoever talks through the saved number should be satisfied. Yes company might have different phone numbers and you can get call from any number. Hence you should make sure that you properly settle the issue.

4.Prepare for telephonic interview as if you will be required to give the face to face interview:
Yes the telephonic interview is as important as other interviews and hence you should not waste even a single minute and prepare for the interview in best possible way. You must note that even your slight mistake can cost you maximum. You might fail in the interview. Hence you should make sure that you practice in the best possible way so that you have no regret.

5.Keep the hard copy of the cover letter and resume in front of you:
It is quiet sure that you will be asked from the resume. Hence while giving telephonic interview you should make sure that the hard copy of your resume and cover letter should be in front of you when you are giving telephonic interview.

You must understand that succeeding in Telephonic interview will win a place for you. Hence, you should make sure that you prepare well for the telephonic interview as well.

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