Monday, November 3, 2008

Career Opportunities in USA

According to a survey conducted by employment federation, US have been found to be the best place in the world for employment opportunity. The salary related to various fields is best in the world. However the present crisis has really set all the companies to think whether how many employees they need. I am very sad to tell that most of the companies are reducing their work force just because they cannot afford to give them all the salaries. So how can I keep this disastrous news away from my article? It's really sad to notice all this.

However, career opportunities have dried up for a while but not for always. I must tell you that I will keep the economic crisis away for rest of my article and emphasize on what are the real opportunities available. You can talk about computers, administration, commerce, medical, banking, biotechnology, brokerage, catering, hospitality and any one. US have job opportunities for all of them.
However there are some job opportunities which are really specialty of the US as compared to rest of the world. You must know that all the software companies have there head offices in none other than US. As far as luxury is considered, the US stood at second place after Arabian countries. But you will find the US administrator more lenient than the Arabian countries. And I must also add that software companies don't have their own outlet in this part of the world. I would like to discuss each field in detail one by one:

As far as technology is considered, how can one forget NASA and Silicon Valley and both of them are situated in US? I must tell you that the work which is done in these two techno giants is really great and you can find no one who will say no to a job in these two places. As far as Silicon Valley is considered it is famous for electronic products and hence is the hottest place for electronic engineer. And if you talk about NASA then even a kid knows what it is all about.
You must have heard about Cisco, Microsoft, Accenture, and Sun Microsystems. These are just few examples. I must tell you that at present US is the head office for all the software companies. All the head offices are present in either California or some part of US. You cannot forget US if you want to work in these companies. All the technologies and software which are launched daily is a product of these big companies of US. People from all around the world are involved in these companies.

I have given you details of some companies and I must tell you that same is the case with other fields. You can either talk about nursing or real estate, all are hot.

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