Monday, February 9, 2009

What is the Federal Work-Study Program?

The federal work study programs provide the opportunity to the post secondary students who need the fund to continue their studies. However it is for all the post secondary students. I must say that you will definitely find that this loan is for all the post secondary students. However the institution after getting the fund has to decide that which students needs the aid more.

Then they decide that which students will get the chance to work through federal work study program. However you will have to be selected if you want to get this golden opportunity. The selection process is carried by the college and they decide the list of the final students.

I must say that if you are a post secondary student then you will have to make sure that you perform well in the college. It is always a nice feeling to earn the pocket money on your own. And it is really nice if you are able to manage your fees as well. The government provides this opportunity to the graduate and the undergraduate students. However you must note that all that the government has to do is to provide the fund to the college.

The college then decides that how they are going to distribute the fund. They select the students on both the merit as well as on the basis of the poverty. They really find out that which candidates are really in need of the fund. They hence finalize the list and distribute the fund among the selected students. Once the fund is over no student will be provided with the fund any more.

Who can apply for the FWS?

I must say that you will find out if you want to apply for the FWS then you will have to fill the free application form for federal student aid program (FAFSA). Once you fill the program your job is over. The program then decides whether who the selected students are. I must say that it is open for both graduate and undergraduate students. You can start to investigate for the program ever since you enter the junior year of the high school.

You will have to find out that you school participates in such program or not. The maximum fund which you can take is also fixed and you cannot take more than that fund.

You must note that the FWS is the first cum first service based program. Hence if you want to decide that you are going to join the program then you should know the important dates in advance. You cannot leave it for too late. I must say that this is a great step by the government and the students should take advantage of it.

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