Monday, February 23, 2009

Types of Automotive Jobs

The automotive jobs are really a challenge. Have you seen the mechanical giants engaged during the car or motorcycle race? They really push their button hard so that their contenders can win the race. It is all business and whoever wins take away the glory, pride and also the market value. The automotive jobs are in plenty and all of them are equally challenging. I have just told you about one of the challenges and you must be ready for many more if you are in this field. There are different types of jobs available with automotive field. I will list you some of them:


Automotive administration encompasses wide variety of jobs which includes car dealership, vehicle and component manufacturing enterprises and selling spare parts. I must tell you that automotive jobs, as far as administration is concerned requires the dealership and management of the supply of the various parts. You have to manage the sale of the automobile being manufactured by the company. It comprises of a team which surrounds top management as well as various retail shops. You can also include company's outlets which are really very important. Servicing centre is also very important. Once you sell an automobile it is the duty of each an every company to provide the services related to the automobile. All of these come under automobile.


The aftermarket includes to distribution of the automobiles in the market worldwide. With more money coming in hands of the middle class the market is all set for seeing the large number of cars being sold out. I must tell you that the automobiles once manufactured needs to be sold out. There is a team which manages these activities. I must tell you that this team is very competent and they really work for the betterment for the company. Different companies have different team members. How can they all be same? However it's a general feeling that they are really a bunch of very energetic youth.


The marketing department comprises of road shows and car race as well. I must tell you that car, bike and all types of races are organized just for marketing of the automobile products of the company. The more successful the marketing will be, the more profitable the company will be.


Due to advancement of the automotive department lots of electrical appliances are now used in the cars, trucks, trailers, bikes and so on. Some of the appliances are starter motor, alternators, lighting and digital sound. All of these require regular repairing and hence the electrical giants too have some jobs in this filed.

Although this field is dominated by the mechanical engineers but electrical as well as computers as well as just the graduates do have some chance to get some job in this field.

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