Monday, February 2, 2009

Success Builds Confidence

Success really builds the confidence. I do feel that you will definitely find yourself more confident if you will find that you are successful. I don't feel that anybody will disagree from this fact. You will definitely find yourself to be in great position if you go on tasting the success. No body really wants to be unsuccessful. But you are bound to be unsuccessful sometime or the other. You might also have been in such condition on many cases. I do feel that you would definitely noticed one point and that is your really feel disheartened when you are defeated on any ground.

Just think why Brazil football team or Roger Federer is so happy all the time. I must say that their happiness lies in the fact that they are successful. I do feel that happiness is directly proportional to the amount of success you taste. You will definitely find only few peoples who are happy even after they are defeated. It is really worthy to say that the degree of happiness is dependent on the amount of success which you taste.

If you taste a lost of success then I do feel that you will be very happy. But the degree of happiness increases when you find out that the competition was very tough. I do feel that you will definitely find it great to win when there is a very tough tussle among the participant.

Just take the example of the era of Pete Sampras or Roger Federer. They have really not seen any resistance from any other player and hence they do not feel so much happiness when they win the grand slam title. But when you tale the example of Yana Navotna or the Nadal then you will definitely find out that they are more than happy after winning any grand slam title. Can you guess why? Yes it is because they get a very tough competition from the other players.

I really want to say that the taste of success is really sweeter when we get a healthy completion. If you do not get the healthy competition then you will definitely not enjoy the success in a better state.

However you can also say that it is better to stay successful in weak environment then to be unsuccessful in tough environment. I do feel that you are getting the point which I want to say.
I do feel that up till now you must have got the idea bout how important it is to be successful. I have come across many cases in which the person has suffered from depression just because he was never able to taste the success. I do pray that this does not happen with you.

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