Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Qualities of Crime Prevention Specialist

The prevention against crime is really very hot topic in today world. You will definitely find out that crime prevention is very important in today world. There are various crime prevention specialists who are involved in this social work. Various crime prevention specialist forms an intermediary between the society and the police. You should not be surprised when you see any such officer giving lessons to some roadies. They are really a blessing for the society. It is really a type of social work. You must note that while you give lessons to some wicked personality of the society, you are not just helping the police but also the society.

As far as requirements are concerned, you might require some education. For example you should have done two years course along with a one year work experience. However the requirement changes with every state. You might require no educational qualification in some state and for some state it can be as high as graduation. However you must note that almost all state will require minimum two year degree course.

The next question which comes to the mind is that what should be the duties which you will have to do as a crime prevention specialist. Let us first find out that what the powers which this specialist enjoys are. They are as follows:

1.They have the right to arrest if they have enough evidence. However they will have to hand over the culprits to the police within few hours with proper evidence.

2.They get a licensed gun from the police and they also get a bike or a police car sometimes when they are promoted.

3.They will have to inform the police if they find something wrong going on around the park.

You must also know that what duties they have to perform. They are as follows:

1.Meet the community leaders or members and help resolve the issues like neighborhood problems, theft, and burglary. They should also look after the program which has caused such problems and finally fix them.

2.They will have to work with community leaders and businessman to solve the disputes which might have arisen.

Keeping all these things in mind I must say that you will have to be extra smart if you want to become a real crime specialist. This is a kind of job which requires lots of labor. You will have to take up the responsibility of checking all the crimes which is undergoing your area. You will also have to make sure that you are not bogged down at any case. You should always stand high in any situation. Only then you will be able to complete this job.

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