Friday, February 13, 2009

How to compensate job lose

The first thing which is every body's favorite is mobile and the second thing which they all love is their job. Now suppose you lose your job. What will be your reaction? You will certainly go wild because this will really hurt you. However if you are professional then you will really not feel the pinch because you will be ready for the challenges. Your words will be that if you lose one job, two other jobs is ready for you. I must say that you should not be over confident.

The job which you will lose might be due to some of your mistakes. Hence you should make sure that you do not lose the job for some reason or the other. Job is priceless. Yes they are available in plenty but you will not always get good job. Hence if you find out that the job is very good then you should really do everything so that do not lose your job. I must say that you should really have good relations with recruiters so that whenever you lose a job they call you for some other kind of jobs.

You should make sure that you save a part of salary every month. You should make sure that you can afford three months without job so that you can search for some other job. It is really a very pathetic situation. However you are yourself to be blamed. You should make sure that your target is complete every month. Do not leave one month job for the next month. Make sure that you close your job every month. If you will not be able to compete with the situation, then you are due to lose your jobs.

At present the market is very down and I must say that you should really take all the measures so that you do not lose your job. I must say that the next five to six months are very crucial and you should make sure that you do not lose your job in this period. I again warn you that the present market is very slow and you should not really afford to lose the job.

Now let us suppose that you loose the job. What should be your next step? Yes, your next step will be to meet the recruiters who have the list of job opportunities. I must tell that they will be the best to get a job for you. However they will take some time and hence you should have money to pay their fee as well as pass at least three months. However you will always feel sorry for your previous job and hence you should make sure that this does not happen with you unless and until you get a chance for promotion.

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