Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Employee Retention

Employees are the backbone of any organization and the quality employees are preferred for the benefit and growth of the company. Many business tactics are used for maintaining the growth of the company and increasing the profit. Quality employees are pertinent for attaining the goals and companies have realized the importance of employee retention. Many policies and facilities are provided to the employees from companies to work well and perform up to the expectations. No organization wants to lose the employees who are the best performers because it is difficult to find the good employees and it needs lot of investment in recruiting again.

Following pointers describe about employee retention:

1.Human resource department holds the responsibility of recruiting the employees in the company. Company never wants the best employees to leave the company and join other organization. There are many policies and rules made in the company for employee retention. Bond is one of the popular ways of employee retention.

2.Facilities provided to the employees are increased from time to time on the basis of performance and experience. Experienced and efficient employees get various offers from the companies and it depends on their choice to leave the company or continue in the same company. Companies launch the policies and rewards for the employees who perform better.

3.Human resource department is given the responsibility to do surveys within the company and collect the feedback from all employees for checking the employee satisfaction. Report is prepared and submitted to the top level managers and the amendments are made in the policies of the companies according to it.

4.Recruitment process also plays the important role in defining the criteria for reliable employees. HRs gives importance to the professionals who have the experience for working many years and have never left the organization in between. The personality of the person is checked thoroughly for understanding the behavior and attitude of the interviewee.

5.Researches have been made in the companies and it has been found that monotony of the workplace spoils the performance and productivity of the employees and dull environment of the workplace leads to attrition in the company.

6.The needs of the employees and the facilities provided to the employees should be checked from time to time. Apart from basic necessities of workplace, perks of the jobs are quite important for employee retention.

Focus on employee retention is gradual process and stress should be laid right from the process of recruitment.

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