Monday, February 16, 2009

Best 5 reasons to work for the rail road

Rail roads are one of the fields which provide lots of job opportunities. You must have seen many people who are engaged in rail road. I must say the rail road is a very interesting blue color jobs which is really very highly paid. You can be a civil engineer or labor, you will be easily placed some where as far as rail roads are concerned. I know one of my friends who left a job and decided to make a career in railroad. I really questioned him whether why he wanted to join the rail road. I was really not surprised when he gave me a list of reasons which prompted him to join the rail road. I would like to say some of the reasons for you:

1.Good money:
My friend said that in his previous job he just used to earn $40000. However with rail road he can now easily earn around $70000. You can even make money as high as $100000. These are really very good figures and any one can be lured to join this field by going through the salary.

He said that he was paying $600 for my family in the previous job. However as far as this job is concerned he has just to pay $140 for the whole family and the rest amount was paid by the company. This is really a great benefit which he was lacking in the previous job.

Your retirement is paid by the railway recruitment board and there is no involvement of social security. Once you join the rail road you will not have to pay anything to the social security and in fact it will go to the railway retirement board. This is really a good plan which can be very fruitful for you.

4.You are not cooped up in office or cubicle:
You as a rail road employee will get a great chance to see different countryside and you will not be confined to a single office. This is really very good and you get to chance to travel at no cost which sounds really great.

5.No stress and no more back making job:
I must say that this job is not a back breaking job. We do not have to sit for long at one place and it is really not back breaking. The stress level is also very low and you can only enjoy while doing the job.

I have given you five best reasons for a rail road job. I must say that you should really join it and I assure you that you will have a great career ahead.

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