Thursday, January 8, 2009

Successful team building

Can you guess what the importance of team work is? You must understand that team building is very important and no job today can be done alone. Building a good team is however always a challenging asks. You will definitely find out that a perfect team is one which has different members are perfect for a job which they are assigned. All those members all together make a team. However the performance of the team depends upon the team members.

The question arises that what should be done for a perfect team building? This is a question which everyone wants an answer. It is quiet an interesting question and I would like to give following tips for this.

1.Measure the current effectiveness of the team:
The team can be small or big. However you must make sure that how the team is performing at present. This can be done by taking personal interview of each team members. Ask them what they feel about the team. Give them the chance to rate the team according to their ideas. Give them scale of 10 points and ask them to give the team points according to their performance. You can use different assessment tool as well. Note down at one point what points all the team members give to their team. Make your own measurement rules. You can say that the points above 9 means excellent and so on. In a similar way you will be able to find out whether how well the team is playing at present.

2.Create your own vision of highly successful team:
You should make your own criteria for how the good tem should perform. For example if you are selecting the best software team then you should make sure that all the rules of the software engineering is fulfilled by the company. If they are not fulfilled then the team has some problems which are very important to be found out before something really bad happens. Either it is a software team or a marketing team; it must follow the rules and regulation of that field. If you find them not following the rules then you must assume that it is the time for a change.

3.Fix your own time limit:
Every team members should know that they have some task to do. And also they have to complete them in time. They cannot really afford to take more time. You can always make a list of the projects which has been dealt by the team. Divide the whole process into a series of time period. Calculate how much job should have been completed during that time period and note down that actually how much job was done. This will give you a clear idea about how good is the team.

Keep all these things in mind and decide whether how good the team is accordingly. These points will really help you in deciding how good your team is?

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