Monday, January 12, 2009

Some Advise To Reduce Stress at Work

No matter what job you are doing you will find the stress to be your biggest enemy. According to one of the doctor the stress is one of the biggest threats for a fit man. There can be many reasons which can lead to stress. Just suppose that you are watching TV whole night and then you come to work for the next day. You will definitely feel stress in your mind. There are many reasons which lead to stress. However you can avoid tress as well.
Before trying to avoid stress, you should know the reasons which lead to stress. I would like to list some points in front of you:
1.You are watching TV or you might be spending more time in chatting on internet.
2.You do not wake up early in the morning.
3.You do not do exercise regularly.
4.You are eating a lot of junk food.
5.You drink a lot.
6.You drink low quality of wine and whisky.
And so on.

I would now list a series of activities which will be helpful for you to avoid stress. They are as follows:

1.Eat at least 5 to 6 times small well balanced meal so that you get the required vitamins and minerals for your body.

2.You should really drink six to eight glasses of water daily so that all the toxins are removed from the body.

3.You should do exercise for twenty to thirty minutes for at least three to five days a week. This will keep your body fit. The relaxation which you will get from the exercise will help you when you are working.

4.You should really avoid sugar and caffeine in large quantity. This will be very harmful for your health.

5.You should always go for yoga and meditation. These will be very good for your health. You can do meditation everyday for fifteen minutes. You should know that meditation is the only way to relax your mind. You should know that mind go on working for ever up till your death. Hence the only way to give the brain time to relax is to reduce the burdens on the mind. This is done through meditation.

6.You should watch less TV. All the survey suggests that those who watch very less TV are more stressful during their work. Hence you should watch TV to minimum.

7.When you want to eat something, you should prefer high fiber food. They will keep the insulin level of your body intact and hence you will never have problems as far as sugar level in concerned.

I have given you many tips. You should really keep them in mind if you want to be free from stress.

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