Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Powerful Presentations tips for public Speakers

The public speakers are those whose job is to speak in public on behalf of any company or even government of any country. There are so many opportunities to become a public speaker. As a public speaker you will have to put forward the objectives of the company. You will have to not have to decide anything. You will get all the information from the management and you will just have to present those thoughts and ideas in front of the public. This is a very challenging job and you should understand that even one word can prove very costly.

In order to bee a good public speaker you will have to get ready a very powerful presentation. You will have to make sure that you properly use the latest technologies. You can use Microsoft PowerPoint to prepare various slides. You should make sure in advance that you have a list of questions which can be asked by the public or media. If you will make a list of all such questions then you will feel much better while speaking. You must note that this job is for those who have very sharp memory and are able to recall anything which goes through them.

Apart from all this I would like to give you a list of some tips which will be very useful for you while speaking in public. They are as follows:

1.Catch attention:
You should be really good at catching somebody ears. It is really very important because if the people will not hear you then you will not be able to express you ideas. They will never come to know that what you wanted to say. I must give the advantage of Adolf Hitler. He was among the best speakers who have ever born on earth. I have seen videos of many of the public speech given by him. I must say that he was able to win the heart of the public only because he was a very good speaker. He got the reason after world war two and rose to the occasion with is breathtaking speeches. You can also not forget the great Abraham Lincoln who was also in the race.

2.Tone and pitch:
You should make sure that your pitch is as such everybody is able to hear you properly. If the people will not able to hear you then it will be very difficult for them understand you and what you are speaking.

3.Common story, smiley and metaphors:
You should really take example of some stories which are very famous. This will help the public to understand you properly. You should also use smiley and metaphor while speaking.

Keep all this in mind and I assure you that you will come out to be a very good speaker.

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