Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Skills needed to be a Good Manager

There is lots of difference between a manager and the owner of the company. While the owner is free while taking his decisions, the managers are not. They depend upon the owner to decide whether what they have to do? Some time the owner too gives the power of attorney to the managers so that they can take the final decisions related to some topics.

However there are many points related to the manager which is very important to have in order to decide whether they are good or not. I will list some of the points for you. They are as follows:

All the managers should be good at entrustment. By this I mean that they are not alone or they are not alone as far as completing the job is concerned. You should have quality to pick the right person for the right job. That is why I am talking about delegation. If you will be good at delegation then you will be able to find out the strength and weaknesses related to various team members. For managers it is an essential quality.

As far as the responsibilities are concerned, the responsibility word always comes in the scenery. If something goes wrong and you are not involved directly, then also you should be ready to take up the responsibility of everything. This is what responsibility stands for.

3.encourage team spirit:
The one very important quality of a good manager is that they should be able to encourage all the team members and make sure that they all enjoy good team spirit. The team spirit is one of the most important requirements for various team members to carry out the work with an ease. And in any case it is the job of the manager to make sure that the spirit is good and all the team members enjoy the best environment for work.

4.Calm and collected:
The team manager should be very good at keeping calm. If a team member do get angry in no time then it will be every hard for the members to work properly. They will always have problems with the manager. Hence the manager should be calm and collected. Otherwise not only the team members but also the manager will also be in trouble.

It is really mandatory that all the staffs and the team members should respect you as a manager. If you will not be respected then you will definitely not able to manage them properly.

Keeping all these things in mind you should make sure that you are grasping them in your habit as well. And it is a must if you want to become a manager.

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