Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Success Always Begins With Failure

We all have come to this world crying. As a small child we always used to cry. Then we did our schooling and even our graduation. We stopped crying once we understood the world. But were we able to learn without failure. Some body has rightly said that we learn from our failures and this experience makes the great man. No body can say that he has not ever seen a failure in his life. I must say that failure makes a man perfect. It is only after you suffer that you promise to avoid it in future. There are many stories which prove this proverb.

You can take example of American war of independence. Can you ever forget incidence like Boston tea party? Or can Russia forget the black Sunday which was a part o Russian revolution? I must say that all the revolutions around the world reveals only one point and that is you will have to suffer from failure before you finally gets a chance to win.

You can add this proverb to the story of many industrialists. All of them have seen a great setback in their life before they finally were able to gain the success. I must say that powerful man is born after seeing a series of set backs. You will not find industrialist only to be a part of examples. Many common men who struggles for his/her livelihood also are a perfect example of it. You will hardly find any body who will not think that his life cannot be set as example. How ever they do not ever bother if their name is not taken. They are really found of a simple life.

I have visited many countries. I once went to Switzerland. I was left behind as the train went away. I had to travel to Zurich. I took a two wheeler and started my journey. During my journey I met so many faces that I was really surprised. I talked too many of them about their life and most of them told me that how hard they have to fight during their life and how finally they were able to find themselves in the list of successful creatures.

Even I want to share my feelings about my life and this proverb. However I would just say that it is really a true proverb. However it does not means that you should think in a way that you will have to face the failure. If you are lucky enough and you get every of your dreams being fulfilled then you will really not have to face with the problem. The only thing which you have to make sure is that you should end being a successful candidate.

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